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Hair Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

Male Hair Loss Long Island

Who is an ideal candidate for hair restoration surgery?

A handsome brunette main with blue eyes sits shirtless while holding his hand behind his head.At Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery we are able to address the effects of male hair loss at our Long Island and Manhattan offices. Nearly anyone with balding or thinning hair can undergo hair restoration surgery. Ideal candidates have healthy areas of thick hair on the sides or back of the head that can serve as donor areas for the procedure. Patients with hair loss caused by scalp injuries or certain cosmetic procedures often have larger areas of potential donor hair, since hair loss may be restricted to smaller areas.

How will I look after the procedure is performed?

The fully healed results following a Follicular Unit Micrografting Hair Restoration procedure are extremely natural looking, and virtually undetectable from a full head of real, non-treated hair.

Where is the procedure performed?

Hair restoration is performed in the comfort of Dr. Greenberg's Long Island office, a fully-accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center. 

How is the hair restoration procedure performed?

The surgery is nearly painless, and takes just a couple of hours to complete. First, donor strips are taken from the scalp at the back or sides of the head, where hair naturally grows more thickly. Next, single follicular unit grafts are harvested. Each inpidual graft in precisely placed in the treatment, or recipient, areas. Hair grafts will continue to grow as normal hair in their new location, and can be customized depending on each patient's inpidual needs and aesthetic goals.

What happens after surgery?

After hair restoration surgery, patients can usually return to work and regular activities within 24 hours, although strenuous exercise should be avoided. There may be some swelling around the eyes, or slight itching and crusting at the treatment site. These symptoms should subside within seven days.

What results can be expected?

The results of hair restoration surgery appear gradually as the transplanted hair falls out and then regrows to restore a natural appearance. The grafts' growth is usually reestablished after three months and will proceed normally. The incisions will fade over time to become less noticeable as well. Desired results may be achieved after a period of roughly six months, although this duration varies slightly from patient to patient.

How many procedures are needed?

The extent of a patient's hair loss, including physical characteristics and treatment goals, will determine the total number of procedures needed. For some patients, a single session may be sufficient, while others will require a greater number to achieve their desired results. Dr. Greenberg  can determine how many treatments will be needed during a thorough evaluation. 

Are there any risks associated with hair restoration?

Similar to any type of surgical procedure, there are certain risks associated with hair restoration, including bleeding and infection. These complications are considered rare and risk of developing them can be further reduced by following instructions given by Dr. Greenberg and our staff before and after treatment.

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