Massive Weight Loss Makeover

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Massive Weight Loss Makeover Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology

A massive weight loss makeover is a surgical treatment plan that addresses stretchy skin that sags in unflattering ways. Because of this laxity, many patients remain unhappy with their physical appearance even after accomplishing substantial weight loss. Excess skin often hangs uncomfortably and creates irregular body contours, and diet and exercise-resistant fat pockets may remain. Fortunately, patients can finally show off a healthier, thinner physique with a massive weight loss makeover. Not only can this also be a huge confidence boost for those who need it, but patients can feel proud of their weight-loss accomplishments and have a body that reflects their considerable efforts.

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Lax Skin After Weight Loss

Excess weight can have a significant impact on blood glucose levels, heart function, mobility, cholesterol levels, and more. Still, saggy, loose skin is often the unfortunate cost of losing weight to attain a healthier state of being. When formerly overweight and obese patients near their target weight, they often find that their skin, which had to stretch to accommodate excess body fat, does not retract, leaving them with loose, hanging skin. With a condition called lipedema, localized fat deposits may also persist no matter how diligent a patient is about eating a nutritious, healthy diet and prioritizing physical activity.

Those who put in the time, dedication, and effort to slim down are often met with layers of skin that hide their true contours. It is not only a cosmetic concern; excess skin can overlap and harbor bacteria and fungus, leading to chafing, irritation, and infections from the moisture. Finding clothing that hides embarrassing stretch marks and laxity can be quite a challenge, if not impossible. Carrying this sense of insecurity can affect every aspect of a person’s life.

What is a Massive Weight Loss Makeover?

A massive weight loss makeover is a custom combination of plastic surgery procedures designed to resolve post-massive weight loss issues. This procedure can resolve cosmetic, mobility, and other functional concerns, as well as physical discomfort associated with excess, unwanted tissue after weight loss.

Studies show that patients who recently went through bariatric surgery and lost weight have skin with more elastin protein fibers within it, the fiber that provides the skin with a stretchy quality. Researchers found that any remaining collagen appeared thinner than healthy collagen and arranged in a disorganized fashion. (1) When this occurs at a dramatic level and the patient exceeds a weight loss of over 100 lbs, a surgical makeover becomes the only way to correct the resulting laxity.

Your Treatment Options

If you have lost considerable weight and have multiple problem areas throughout the body, a massive weight loss makeover can incorporate a combination of body sculpting surgeries, such as:


Your surgeon can pair liposuction with many types of cosmetic procedures or perform it on its own to permanently sculpt away small fat pockets that bulge or appear flabby. As a minimally invasive approach to body sculpting, your surgeon may only need to administer local anesthesia or give you the option to be fully comfortable under general anesthesia. With all liposuction procedures, surgeons only need to make a shallow incision a few millimeters in length, giving them access to subcutaneous tissue to suction with a tubular device called a cannula.

Tummy Tuck

For a tummy tuck, your surgeon will mainly focus on removing the lax skin from the front and sides of your abdomen. With this procedure, they will ensure that they keep the incision line as low as possible so that you can hide the remaining scar underneath the waistband of a bathing suit or underwear. If you have excessively flabby tissue in this area, the result is worth it. Your surgeon may excise fat tissue through the main upper pubic incision, but they will likely perform liposuction beforehand to attain an optimal contour. They will also make one subtle incision around the outside of the navel to maintain its positioning as new skin is redraped and sutured around it. The procedure also involves suturing loosened abdominal muscles to correct a condition called diastasis recti.

Arm Lift

As a patient who has experienced massive weight loss, your surgeon will ensure that they perform the extended version of the arm lift to get rid of the most redundant skin possible. With this technique, they will make the incision on the backside of the upper arm, possibly extending it until it stops next to the breast crease. This procedure will remove “bat wings” and help you feel better about wearing short-sleeved tops.

Breast Lift

A breast lift involves repositioning the breasts to a more flattering location on the chest and eliminates the look of saggy skin. The procedure restores natural-looking, perkier breasts without any implants. For the most significant sagging, or ptosis, your surgeon will make an incision around each areola and extend it down into the breast crease. They will then extend it further so that it follows the horizontal crease of the breast. This incision pattern is called the “anchor” incision because of its shape. (3) In the months post-procedure, the incisions from a breast lift will slowly fade.

Breast Reduction

Those who have lost a massive amount of weight still may store a lot of fat in their breasts, making them appear disproportionate to their thinner frame. A breast reduction is more equipped to handle this specific problem than a breast lift. A breast reduction may involve a similar incision pattern to a breast lift, but for this procedure, the goal is to reduce the overall volume of the breasts.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a procedure to naturally restore the curvature and volume of your buttocks using your fat deposits. For this surgery, your surgeon will simply need to apply liposuction to an area of the body you would like to sculpt. After collecting these deposits, they will purify them and reinsert them back into the subcutaneous fat layer of the buttocks. This type of augmentation looks and feels natural and significantly resolves deflation of the buttocks that comes with weight loss.

Thigh Lift

Your surgeon may perform a thigh lift technique to target the location of your lax skin. The bilateral thigh lift that corrects lax skin on the outer part of the thigh requires an incision that follows the placement of the bikini line; they may need to extend it to reach over the hips for more lift. Medial thigh lifts prevent the issues of inner thigh chafing. For a medial technique, your surgeon may only need to make one incision within the groin or a groin incision with an extended vertical incision along the length of the inner thigh.

Fat Transfer

The Brazilian butt lift is the most popular fat transfer procedure, but there are other types designed to re-volumize other parts of the body, including the face. Fat transfer can be incredibly helpful for people who want an all-natural means of attaining a youthful plump to their face after losing weight. Just like the BBL, your surgeon will have to perform liposuction to harvest the needed fat and transfer it to another area.

Ideal Candidates

Massive Weight Loss Makeover Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology

Candidates for this procedure are those left with loose, sagging skin and minor amounts of unwanted stubborn fat in multiple areas of the body after significant weight loss. In many cases, candidates for the massive weight loss makeover have previously undergone bariatric surgery with the Roux-en-Y procedure or gastric sleeve technique. However, patients who lose weight by changing their diet and fitness routines can also benefit from this procedure plan. Those who have taken semaglutide (Ozempic) or tirzepatide (Mounjaro) may suffer from the same physical effects of massive weight loss as those who lost it without the help of medication.

It is important to note that a massive weight loss makeover is a cosmetic procedure focused on removing skin and isolated fat deposits. Surgeons do not use it as a means to remove a large amount of fat and such procedures are not a substitute for diet and exercise or bariatric surgery.

Additionally, patients must be in good health, over the age of 21, and cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding. Those planning on pregnancy should ask their surgeon for an appropriate timetable during their consultation.

Personal Consultation

An exceptionally talented and knowledgeable plastic surgeon is imperative for a successful massive weight loss makeover outcome. At Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery, Stephen T. Greenberg, MD, FACS; Jason M. Weissler, MD, and Stephanie A. Cooper, MD are renowned for the transformative results they provide with post-weight loss surgery in New York City and the surrounding tri-state area.

Our surgeons’ approach to this procedure has its foundation in meticulous planning. The treatment process starts with an in-depth consultation, during which time they will review your medical history, learn about your aesthetic goals, and examine the areas of concern.

If you are a candidate for a massive weight loss makeover, your surgeon will create a unique and comprehensive post-weight loss plastic surgery treatment plan for you. The next step of the process is to walk you through what to anticipate before, during, and after surgery. You are welcome to ask questions at any time, as well.

At each of our practices, our surgeons and staff take pride in creating an inviting, warm environment for every patient. Our surgeons can eliminate the root causes of your self-consciousness and get you to feel amazing in your skin once again. Call the location closest to you or take the first step today by filling out our contact form.

Cost of a Massive Weight Loss Makeover in Long Island

No two massive weight loss makeovers are the same, so there is no one set price. The cost of this surgery reflects the number and type of procedures being performed, as well as factors like the total surgery time and facility and anesthesia fees. Your surgeon will give you a detailed quote at your consultation. If you are interested, they can also speak with you about financing options you may want to consider before moving forward.

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Is a massive weight loss makeover completed in one procedure?

It depends on which procedures you would like to undergo. Surgeons can complete certain procedures together, such as the tummy tuck and liposuction, but others may have to be completed separately. Your surgeon may advise you to take a few months of healing in between each procedure.

Does liposuction provide permanent results?

Liposuction can provide permanent results for those who make an effort to maintain their weight post-procedure. For this surgery, the surgeon permanently removes fat cells from the body.

Do I need general anesthesia for a massive weight loss makeover?

Surgeons can complete certain procedures without the use of general anesthesia, but for lift procedures, general anesthesia is often required.

Will I have scars after a massive weight loss makeover?

Depending on your chosen treatments, you may or may not have noticeable scars. For lift procedures, surgeons aim to place the incisions in discreet areas. These larger incisions will fade significantly over a year. Liposuction incisions are much smaller (a fraction of an inch) and will heal until they are almost completely invisible.


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