Wart Treatment

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Wart Treatment New York, NY

Have you noticed lumps of flesh or cells on your body? Do you worry they may be multiplying? Are you concerned about the possible complications? Warts are more common than you may think! While they are generally harmless, they are a contagious and passable skin condition. They can be very frustrating to deal with, and, if untreated, can become troublesome. Learn more during a consultation with our team at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery at one of our offices in New York or Boca Raton.

What Are Warts?

Warts are fleshy bumps on the skin that are typically painless and harmless. These growths are a result of human papillomavirus, or HPV. They are formed when HPV infects the top layers of the skin. They commonly occur in areas of the body, such as:

  • Feet
  • Genitals
  • Hands, particularly on and around nails

While there is generally no overall greater threat to health associated with warts, they are highly spreadable. Growths are directly contagious via skin-to-skin contact, whether it is on yourself or from one person to another.

Risk Factors

Nearly everyone may be impacted by warts. However, having a weaker than normal immune system may increase your chances of developing these skin growths.

Because of how easily contagious they are, many children and teens develop and pass warts. They sometimes even make them worse for themselves by transferring them from one area of their body to another, such as from the hands to the face.

As warts are caused by an infection on the skin, people who break or damage their skin may be at a higher risk. Those who bite their fingernails or pick at hangnails create breakage on their skin and make those areas potentially more susceptible to HPV.


While many warts are harmless and painless, it is particularly important to seek medical care if you have noticed any painful changes or general changes in appearance to the growth. Treatment will vary for each person. The ultimate goal is to completely remove the wart. This may entail directly removing the wart with some method – such as excision or freezing – or stimulating an immune system response. In some cases, both are performed.

Wart removal treatments are often quick and performed in the comfort of our New York and Florida offices. In some cases, warts may eventually fall off or go away without treatment. However, this may take up to two years and can be frustrating.


The cost for Warts treatment will depend on several factors. The number of sessions will influence the final price, as will the severity of the cosmetic issues being addressed.


Learn more about warts and wart removal treatments during a consultation with our team at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery at one of our offices in Southampton, Smithtown, Woodbury, Scarsdale, New York City, Princeton, and Boca Raton.