Breast Reduction: Before & After Photos

Case 03

This 37 year old female came to see Dr. Greenberg as she was unhappy with the severe asymmetry of her breasts. As you can see from the pre-operative photos below, her breasts were extremely asymmetric, with her left breast being several cup sizes smaller than her right. She wished to match the size of her left breast, but was aware that a reduction and bilateral breast lift would be necessary to provide her with the best cosmetic result.
Here are her pre-operative and 8 month post-operative photos. As you can imagine, she is very happy with the improved symmetry of her breasts and no longer finds it difficult to wear bathing suits and other warm weather clothing. Her breasts are reduced in size, with better nipple and breast shape symmetry, and she her breast ptosis, or breast droop is no longer a concern.

Case 04

This 60 year old female consulted with Dr. Greenberg for a bilateral breast reduction procedure. She complained of neck and back pain, as well as shoulder grooving, that resulted from the heaviness of her large breasts. Additionally, she was unhappy with the large size of her areolae. According to the patient, she always had large breasts, however, the droop has gotten more severe over the years. Above are her pre-operative and 6 month post-operative photos.