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Tummy Tuck Testimonial

Tummy Tuck Testimonial


Jennifer has had several procedures completed by Dr. Greenberg, including breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. In this tummy tuck testimonial, she explains that prior to visiting with Dr. Greenberg, she had concerns with recovery time. Her concerns were eased after her consultation, and she could not be any happier with the outcome of the procedure.

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The procedures that I had done with Dr. Greenberg, I had a series of different things. I had a breast augmentation with a lift, I had a tummy tuck, I had cellulaze procedure and a little bit of lipo, and of course Botox and injections. As far as coming to Dr. Greenberg, I Googled him on the website and as well as a lot of my friends used him so it's really a lot of word of mouth. And he is everywhere. You're driving and he is on the BLI Station and sometimes even in magazines, so he's everywhere. I've wanted the tummy tuck done for a very long time. I do have three children. I was scared of recovery time because I work full-time and being a mom, it's basically a job in itself. So as far as the downtime I really couldn't have that much. He walked me through his step-by-step of how it's going to be and everything's going to be okay, and he's very reassuring. The cellulaze procedure, I was in and out. As far as the recovery, there's really no recovery time with that, and it just was a great experience. He really cared about me. He called me that night and the next day when I came in for my follow-up. He's just very nurturing and has a great bedside manner, which is really important. I was nervous about that. And the staff here are really good, too, and they helped with any questions that I had. I'm always like, "What's that? What's this?" and they were all answering my questions. With the staff at Dr. Greenberg's office when you walk in, they're so beautiful, and then I met Dr. Greenberg. He did have a medical assistant with him. It made me feel at ease because when you come into something like this, you're electing yourself to have surgery. It made me feel like everything is going to be okay. And his medical assistant and even the receptionists, the girls up at the front, they're fun and they're nice and it seems like a really big family. So I was really comfortable from the moment I stepped through. I'm very, very happy and pleased with the results that I had that Dr. Greenberg achieved for me, yes.

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