Upper Versus Lower Eyelid Surgery

If you have puffy eyes that make you appear constantly tired even when you are not necessarily feeling that way, then you may want to consider eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery, which is also referred to as blepharoplasty, is a common plastic surgery procedure that involves improving the appearance of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. If you are a healthy adult who is experiencing of the signs of aging in the upper or lower eyelids, or if sagging upper eyelid skin is hindering your vision, then an eyelid procedure may be suitable for you.

Eyelid surgery of the upper eyelid involves removing excess skin, muscle, and underlying fatty tissue from the folds of the upper lids, while eyelid surgery of the lower eyelid reduces bags from the lower lids.

While both upper and lower eyelid procedures help Long Island patients achieve taut and youthful eyelids, helping patients appear more rested and alert, there are distinct differences between each of the procedures that set them apart from one another.

Upper Eyelid Procedure

  • Removes excess fatty deposits that make the upper lid appear puffy and swollen
  • Treats loose or sagging skin that creates the appearance of folds in the natural contour of the eye
  • Can also be used as a mean of correcting eyesight, notably in older patients whose sagging eyelids obstruct their vision; in these cases, health insurance may cover all or part of the cost of treatment
  • Typical results last about 10 years

Lower Eyelid Procedure

  • Removes excess skin and fine lines in the lower eyelid
  • Treats under eye bags
  • Corrects droopiness of the lower lids that expose the whites of the eye beneath the iris
  • Redistributes fat beneath the eyes to reduce the appearance of puffiness

Upper eyelid and lower eyelid surgery can be completed either individually or simultaneously, depending on each patient’s unique needs. While both of these procedures have their benefits, it is also important for eyelid surgery patients to maintain realistic expectations about their outcomes. The procedures will undoubtedly help reduce – and in some cases, even eliminate – puffiness, bags, and some wrinkles around the eye. However, it is important to note that neither an upper eyelid nor a lower eyelid procedure will remove dark under eye circles, crow’s feet, or wrinkles located on other parts of the face.

Learn More about Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

Your eyes are one of the most prominent features on your face and should beautifully and naturally radiate light and warmth. An eyelid surgery of either the upper or lower eyelids can help you achieve beautiful eyes that reflect your vibrant personality. To learn more about upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery, their differences, and the benefits of each, schedule a free consultation with the capable staff of Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery today. They are waiting for you and are happy to answer your questions, address any concerns you may have, and advise you as to which procedure will help you look and feel your very best.

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