The “New Age” of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

In the not too distant past, cosmetic surgery was thought to be mostly for people in their mid-50’s. As our societal views change, and cosmetic procedures are more available, many new and younger age groups are undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Patients from ages 18 years and up are frequently undergoing breast augmentation and liposuction procedures; in addition to ear surgery, breast reduction and nasal surgery. We all remember when high school students returned from their school breaks with new noses. These procedures have expanded to include many other cosmetic surgeries and to many other age groups. For instance, college students are often having liposuction, breast augmentation and other procedures during their school breaks. School teachers also avail themselves of procedures during these vacations. Overall, every age group is now having age-appropriate procedures at an increasing rate.

Why is there an increase in cosmetic surgery, and why are more younger and older patients having cosmetic surgery? We can only speculate. But as the procedures are easier than ever to perform and recover from, and the results are more natural than ever before, many patients of all age groups now have the desire to take action to improve their self-image and appearance. Certainly the results are much better than ever before, and technology has helped us perform procedures with very little down time. On a daily basis in my practice, patients of all ages are doing what makes themselves feel better, and look better. Societal pressures no longer exist, and patients are outwardly speaking about the procedures they have had. In fact, patients who look in the mirror and are pleased with their appearance often have a happier and uplifted mental status.

In general, the new age of cosmetic surgery not only applies to the newest and most fashionable procedures, but also to the wide age range of the patients having the procedures. Cosmetic surgery is no longer just limited to the 50-year olds having facelifts!! So all of you 20-somethings, and 60-somethings feel free, you’re in good company.

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