Summer’s Hottest Cosmetic Surgeries

Woodbury, NY, June 2004 The weather is warming up, the beaches are open, the barbecues are smoking and that traditionally means one thing summer is on the way. A new summer trend is the increased demand in plastic surgery. People are looking to get fit quick through a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures that leave patients looking and feeling better than ever, and with a renewed confidence in their appearance.

Liposuction and breast augmentation are the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures this time of year, according to Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, a NYC and Woodbury, L.I.-based plastic surgeon. People dress more casually as they attend outdoor festivities as well as beaches and pools. Also, many companies institute a “summer dress” code (allowing more casual dress in the office).

“There is no question that during the warmer months of the year we see an incredible demand for cosmetic surgery procedures that improve what a person looks like in beach wear, bathing suits and other forms of athletic dress,” remarked Dr. Greenberg. “Because summer gives us such an opportunity to showcase one’s appearance, liposuction and breast augmentation certainly can make the biggest difference in that regard and are very safe procedures to perform.” There is also a huge rise in Botox, collagen and Restylane injections (to erase wrinkles and plump lips) as people get ready for weddings, graduations and summer parties.

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