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Refine the Shape of Your Ears

Otoplasty Long Island

Otoplasty by Dr. Stephen Greenberg, serving Long Island, Manhattan and the greater New York City area, can correct protruding or misshapen ears.

Ear surgery (otoplasty) is a procedure that is performed to set back prominent ears closer to your head or to reduce the size of your ears. Dr. Greenberg performs ear plastic surgery on many children, as well as adults. Many techniques are available for correcting abnormalities or prominence of the ears. The exact procedure is dependent upon how prominent the ears are and the exact deformity. To learn more about otoplasty, contact our Long Island practice today.

Ear surgery is best for:

  • Adults or children with protrusion of the ears
  • Ears which have not developed or folded properly
  • Abnormal shape or configuration of the ear

Video: Ear Plastic Surgery Otoplasty

Your Consultation and Cosmetic Ear Surgery Procedure

The exact procedure that needs to be performed will be discussed with Dr. Greenberg at the time of the consultation. He will determine the exact problem with the ear and will explain in detail the best procedure to be performed. Dr. Greenberg believes in obtaining a very natural appearance to the ear. The otoplasty offers immediate and dramatic results, which will last a lifetime.

This cosmetic ear surgery procedure takes about one to two hours and will be performed in Dr. Greenberg's office operating facility in either Manhattan or on Long Island. A small incision is made behind your ear and the cartilage is folded back toward your head, and in some cases the cartilage can be removed. Both techniques will reshape your ear. Stitches are used, and there will be no visible scar. You will be up and around shortly after your ear plastic surgery, and you will be able to go home. A support band will need to be worn for a few days to ensure protection. Dr. Greenberg will see you post-operatively to remove the stitches and will continue to follow up with you regularly.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery and Recovery:

Anesthesia: Sedation or general (Board Certified Anesthesiologist)

Length of Procedure: 1-2 hours

Length of Stay: Outpatient

Where performed: In Dr. Greenberg's office ambulatory Surgery Center in Manhattan or on Long Island.

Discomfort: Mild to moderate discomfort

Return to work: 3-5 days

Bandages: Dr. Greenberg will place you in a supportive head garment

Bruising: Usually no bruising

Stitches: Dr. Greenberg will remove all stitches in 4-6 days

Exercise: 3-4 weeks before exercise

Results: Your results will be immediate

To schedule a complimentary otoplasty consultation, or find out about the cost of otoplasty, contact our Long Island practice today.

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