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Breast Lift

Learn More About Breast Lift Benefits

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The effects of aging and pregnancy can cause the breasts to sag or droop as we grow older. Many patients come to our office seeking a treatment that can restore the natural shaping and perkiness of their bust. Fortunately, breast lift surgery can address these concerns by eliminating loose, excess skin that has lost its elasticity over time. During surgery, your surgeon will also sculpt the breasts to restore their natural shape and positioning. Returning your silhouette to a more youthful appearance is just one of the many breast lift benefits. The Long Island, New York cosmetic surgery practice of Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg specializes in helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Our team also wants you to understand all aspects of the procedure so you are fully informed. If you would like to learn more about the benefits that you will experience when you choose Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery for your breast lift procedure, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

What to Expect During Breast Lift Surgery

Before beginning your breast lift surgery, you will have a consultation with Dr. Greenberg. You will discuss your cosmetic goals and start to formulate a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Greenberg will carefully explain each part of the procedure so that you will have a greater understanding of its effects. Forming realistic expectations for the results that you can expect is an important part of your consultation. Once the planning phase is complete, we can schedule your procedure. 

Breast lift surgery takes approximately one to two hours to perform in Dr. Greenberg's fully accredited ambulatory center. The location, size, and shape of the incisions will be determined by the amount of sagging you are experiencing and your cosmetic goals. During the procedure, Dr. Greenberg will remove any loose skin and reshape the breast tissue to restore more youthful contouring. He may also place the nipple higher on the breast to further improve your appearance. 

After the surgery is complete, you will be allowed to return to your home to rest and recover. Patients can typically expect to return to their normal routines after three to four days and resume their normal activity level after approximately three to four weeks. For patients who would like to increase volume as well as lift, breast augmentation is frequently incorporated into the procedure.

Benefits of the Breast Lift Procedure

The most apparent benefit of breast lift surgery is an improved, more youthful appearance. A perkier figure often leads to a significant boost in self-confidence. In fact, many of our breast lift patients report feeling more fulfilled in their relationships and personal lives. 

For the right patients, breast lift can also improve your physical health. Many women complain of chafing under the breast crease or having back and neck tension from drooping breasts. Although these symptoms are more commonly addressed with a breast reduction, a lift can sometimes alleviate these problems and reduce associated discomfort.

Schedule a Consultation Today

If you are seeking a treatment that can correct drooping breasts and restore a more youthful appearance, please contact our office to schedule a breast lift consultation with Dr. Greenberg.

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