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Full Body Lift

What Does a Full Body Lift Cost?

Some women and men achieve significant weight loss only to confront an unwelcome side effect: excess skin. Loose skin around the torso, legs, and buttocks can be eliminated with a full body lift by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stephen Greenberg. Many bariatric and gastric bypass patients are interested in this procedure, also known as a belt lipectomy, but have questions about body lift cost. In Long Island, NY, throughout the state and on a national level, Dr. Greenberg provides answers to common plastic surgery questions and concerns.

Dr. Greenberg is a published book author, hosts a radio program, and is considered an expert consultant for news and feature stories on cosmetic surgery. He and his staff welcome new patients, so if you are exploring the idea of a body lift or other cosmetic surgical enhancement, contact Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery today.

About Full Body Lift Surgery

Weight loss of 60 pounds or more will often result in excess skin and pockets of sagging, fatty tissue on the body. Stretched skin can lose elasticity, and age and genetics can play a part as well. The problem is primarily seen on the abdomen, back, buttocks, and thighs, but can also affect the upper arms and lower face.

In a belt lipectomy, the doctor makes a thin incision around the waist, then gently tightens the skin and underlying tissue, removing the excess and any fat deposits. As long as weight remains stable, a full body lift permanently addresses excess skin, streamlining the body by ridding the torso and hip area of bulges and sagging. Contour is restored, so patients look better in their clothes and experience renewed body confidence.

Body Lift Costs and Financing

Body lift patients often ask if the procedure can be covered by medical insurance. In most cases, it will not be covered, though some insurance plans pay for a portion of cosmetic surgery considered medically necessary. Our office staff is able to coordinate with insurance, as well as offer options for financing, such as CareCredit℠.

Costs of a body lift vary with each patient, depending upon the extent of surgery needed to meet individual treatment goals. Some patients choose to combine other procedures with their body lift, such as an upper arm lift or a face lift. Dr. Greenberg is known for his remarkable skill and dedication to giving each patient the best possible results. Some plastic surgeons have lower fees, but many patients feel most comfortable in Dr. Greenberg’s experienced hands.

Dr. Stephen GreenbergDr. Stephen Greenberg

In most cases, body lifts will not be covered by medical insurance, though some insurance plans pay for a portion of cosmetic surgery considered “medically necessary.” Our office staff is able to coordinate with insurance, as well as offer options for financing, such as CareCredit.

Other factors effecting cost include:

  • Facility Fees – Dr. Greenberg’s Manhattan and Long Island locations include an in-office, ambulatory surgery center, where all of his procedures take place. This way, he is able to keep costs lower compared to cosmetic surgery performed in a hospital setting.
  • Anesthesia – A certified anesthesiologist administers sedation medication for patient comfort and safety.
  • Post-surgical Care – Patients will require some pain medication and may need other types of prescriptions and assistance to aid in the healing process.

Contact Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery

A full body lift can have a significant impact, improving your body confidence and overall self-esteem. For more information about costs, contact us today to set up a consultation at one of our New York office locations.

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