Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation surgery can not only improve a woman’s feminine curves, it can boost her confidence in her appearance. Dr. Greenberg is a skilled surgeon who can determine a breast augmentation plan that aligns with a woman’s personal choices and aesthetic goals, using a variety of implants and placement techniques to achieve personalized results.

24 Hour Mini-Incision Breast Augmentation


Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg performs a large number of breast augmentations in New York each week, using state of the art techniques such as, Mini-incision Rapid Recovery! He takes pride in obtaining the most outstanding results possible

Breast Lift


Dr. Greenberg performs breast lifts on patients who have lost volume in their breasts because of pregnancy, weight change, age, or loss of firmness. Breast implants may also be inserted during breast lifts to help give the breasts a fuller look.

Breast Reconstruction


Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure commonly performed after a mastectomy to offer patients psychological and aesthetic benefits when recovering from breast cancer. This procedure allows many women to fully return to the life they enjoyed before being diagnosed with breast cancer, with barely any signs of the disease remaining.

Breast Reduction


Dr. Greenberg performs breast reductions in one of his affiliated hospitals. The procedure for breast reductions removes fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts, making them smaller, lighter, and firmer. It can also reduce the size of the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple.

Breast Implant Revision


If you are not satisfied with the results of a breast augmentation surgery, or if you have experienced a ruptured breast implant or other complication, Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S performs breast implant revision surgery at his practice.


“I am very happy with the results of my breast augmentation, I was very nervous going into this procedure because they were removing old implants that had been recalled due to breast cancer that had been in my body for 16 years, so I knew I wanted to proceed along with getting the old ones out and putting the new implants in when I was undergoing the transfer, I also had Dr. Greenberg do a lift as well, because I had been self-conscious after 16 years that my breasts started drooping very noticeably to me so I knew it was time to replace them, and they turned out looking really fabulous and positioned nicely, so now I can have confidence again going forward thanks to Dr. Greenberg.”

Angela S