Plastic Surgery in the News

Plastic Surgery: It’s in the News!

From Botox to liposuction to breast augmentation

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There’s no doubt that plastic surgery has been given a lot of press coverage. In fact, outside of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch and Jennifer and Brad’s divorce, stories about plastic surgery lead the headlines last year. Recently, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) presented the Top Plastic Surgery Hot Topics:

    1. Only the rich and famous; think again — A groundbreaking study found 71 percent of people considering plastic surgery had annual household incomes of less than $60,000. Only 13 percent reported an annual household income of over $90,000.

    1. No endorsement for mesotherapy — A recent study shows there is no evidence proving the safety and long-term efficacy of mesotherapy. None of the substances used to inject patients are approved by the FDA and there is no standardization of technique.

    1. Injectables fill the market — Cosmetic patients have more minimally invasive options today with the advent of injectable wrinkle fillers and laser technologies. The latest ASPS procedural statistics report minimally invasive procedures climbed 36 percent.

    1. Diversity among plastic surgery patients — More than 1.3 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed on ethnic patients in 2004, an increase of 44 percent since 2000. Fourteen percent of all cosmetic plastic surgery patients were Asian, Black or Hispanic. These patients have similar motivations as other patients, and often prefer to maintain their ethnic identity while achieving a more youthful appearance.

    1. No new taxes — In a subtle but important victory for the average American, lawmakers in several states elected not to impose a tax on cosmetic procedures. Legislation was considered in Illinois, Washington, New York, Tennessee, Texas and Arkansas when budgets came up short.

    1. Silicone breast implants could be coming back — After 13 years of restricted access, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) deemed silicone implants from manufacturers—Inamed and Mentor—approvable with conditions. There is no set date, however, for the return of implants to the market.

    1. Manufacturers investing in the future — Looking to boost their position in the fast-growing cosmetic plastic surgery market, several large plastic surgery product companies have begun efforts to acquire other manufacturers. Focused around breast implants and injectable wrinkle fighters, these companies hope to capitalize on the highly demanding baby boomers.

This is an exciting time in plastic surgery. Innovations in technology and techniques lead the way while a more diverse range of patients seek procedures. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is the largest organization of board-certified plastic surgeons in the world and is a great source for individuals considering cosmetic surgery. You can look up The American Society of Plastic Surgeons at

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