Now We Offer Even More Choices in Implants for Women Who Want Breast Augmentation

Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, is now offering even more choices for women who want breast augmentation. 
Dr. Greenberg is now offering Sientra cutting-edge gummy bear breast implants recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as the Mentor Memorygel Ultra High Breast Implants which combines the highest available projection with an optimal fill volume.
These new implants can provide patients, including women with thinner frames, a fuller breast shape, a choice of different shapes and a more customized augmentation.
Dr. Greenberg states that all of these new choices in implants help to enhance the ability to individualize results according to each patients needs.
These new implants along with the new Mentor Volume Sizing System and 3D Breast Imaging machine more accurately provide the look and feel of what a patients breasts will look like after surgery and patients are happier with their results.
Dr. Greenberg is able to show a woman numerous different breast sizes and simulate dozens of different volumes. Coupled with the computer image, the patient can see themselves with their virtual breast at all different angles. The patient is more at ease with the process and can feel more confident that the results will be exactly what they were looking for.

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