Natural Looking Results Are Key

With all of the new shows on TV nowadays, including Botched and Society X: Living Dolls it is no wonder people are scared when it comes to plastic surgery. At Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery we strive for the most beautiful, natural-looking results.
Although recent enhancements in technology have helped make plastic surgery procedures safer, more natural and easier for the patient, the multitude of procedures and doctors available can make the decision to proceed with surgery complex and confusing. TV is showing some terrible stories of surgeries gone wrong or procedures that simply do not give you the results you desire. It is most important to find the right surgeon, one who will guide and advise you in choosing the best and appropriate procedures, addressing each person’s unique requirements, goals and objectives.  The development of an overall plan, inclusive of diet and exercise helps to achieve both a natural look and comfortable feeling.  This comprehensive assessment of a person’s needs and determination of what areas of the body could most benefit, allows people to achieve a positive and realistic result as well as a natural and younger look.  It is often a combination of services that produces the best result, often including breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks and lifts with the appropriate procedure determined by each individual’s body. Working with a patient to define their needs, ensures a result that is beautiful and natural looking.
The best candidates for plastic surgery are those who want to look their best by improving upon their natural beauty, while at the same time maintaining realistic expectations.  People should realize that while plastic surgery can significantly improve their physical traits and self-image, surgery will not necessarily change their lives or their relationships. Selecting the best surgeon, determining the areas that you would like to improve, asking many questions, combined with defining the appropriate treatments should result in a better sense of self and an improvement in both self-confidence and appearance.
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