Massive Weight Loss Often Leads To Massive Plastic Surgery

Massive Weight Loss Often Leads to Massive Plastic Surgery

Woodbury, NY The Atkins Diet, “lap band” and gastric bypass surgery are just some of the extreme weight loss techniques that have grown more popular than ever. These programs have given many people incredible, life changing results. But much to the chagrin of those who achieve major weight loss, there is another obstacle that stands in the way of being 100% satisfied with their resulting appearance the remains of their former bodies.

What can be done with the excess, drippy, hanging skin that often follows the loss of a large amount of weight? Diet and exercise cannot remove the saggy skin that stays behind. The only way to rid oneself of this skin, according to Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg,a well-known New York plastic surgeon, is through cosmetic surgery. By undergoing procedures such as thigh lifts, tummy tucks, face and arm lifts and other common techniques, the excess skin will disappear and the body will truly look the way it should following a dramatic transformation.

Dr. Greenberg has many patients who have engaged in popular surgical procedures following a dramatic loss of 100, 150 and even as much as 200 pounds. “My patients had already overcome the extremely difficult challenge of losing the weight, yet they still felt embarrassed in bathing suits and shorts,” says Dr. Greenberg, “They simply needed help getting rid of excess, saggy skin”.

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