Make sure your skin is picture perfect on your wedding day!

Every woman envisions just what walking down the aisle will be like. Yet, aside from the dream dress and perfect groom, one of our biggest concerns is always how we are going to look.  Whether it’s fitting into the dress, maximizing our cleavage, or being bikini ready for a romantic honeymoon getaway, Dr. Greenberg has created the perfect recipe for looking good and feeling great well after you say “I do”.
The key to attaining your best wedding look begins with proper planning. Rather than crash diets and constant gym dates, visit Dr. Greenberg for amazing results before the chaotic planning process begins.  Five to three months prior to your special day is a great time to consider what it is that will make you feel like the best version of yourself.
Beautiful, natural looking and feeling breasts are attainable no matter who you are. If this is an area of interest, Dr. Greenberg suggests visiting his office five months before your wedding.
For younger looking skin that is sure to radiate during your trip down the aisle, consider beginning a noninvasive skin care regimen at around four months. The products exclusively available through Dr. Greenberg’s office will undoubtedly put even your highest end products to shame.  Remember, your face is the first thing people will see on that special day, so don’t think twice about giving your beautiful skin the attention it deserves!
Three months before your wedding is the perfect period for you to evaluate what areas of your body need a little TLC. If it is unwanted fat or visible cellulite that is keeping you down, Dr. Greenberg can smooth away those bumps and contour your features with plenty of time for you to heal and recover.
If a nip and tuck isn’t what you’re after, consider continuing to beautify that radiating skin. At three months Dr. Greenberg offers both spider vein and laser hair removal to ensure that you’ll be bikini ready come honeymoon time. To eliminate sun damage, age spots, broken capillaries, and rosacea the doctor also offers IPL Photorejuvenation, an exciting procedure that promises to turn back the clock on your skin.
The time will come when you are less than a month away from saying your “I dos”. When that exciting moment finally arrives remember that last minute touch ups will never hurt! For full sexy lips consider visiting the office for collagen, cosomoplast, and restylane or smoothing your skin with BOTOX. Then finish off your beautiful wedding-ready look with a microdermabrasion power peel.
Of course we always have specials for the entire wedding party, including the mother of the bride and groom. You can have a Spa Bridal Party right at Glisten where we can accomodate various needs for all different skin types and ages.
Dr. Greenberg wants to celebrate this exciting time with you by ensuring that you not only look, but feel your very best. By observing his recipe for the perfect wedding look we guarantee that you will glow long after your honeymoon tan fades.
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