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IV Wellness Therapy

Are you feeling tired? Beat up? Overall fatigued and foggy headed? It could be nutritional deficiencies rearing its head. It is difficult to eat a fully well rounded diet that has the majority of nutrients you need. You are busy all day, perhaps you have children to take care of, work to do, obligations to tend to. Whatever the reason, one fact is clear. It’s hard enough to make healthy eating decisions throughout the day, it’s another thing entirely to completely engineer every meal of the day for the right nutrients.

What if we told you that even eating the right foods was not going to guarantee optimal levels of certain vitamins?

What is Bioavailability of Vitamins

Our bodies are complicated machines that perform a lot of tasks that are unseen to us. One of the most interesting concepts to come out of nutritional science is studying the real nutritional uptake we receive when ingesting vitamins or food.

Have you ever looked at a bottle of multivitamins and seen the daily value on the label? It might make them seem like a modern miracle. Multivitamins might seem as if they are better than nothing and good for filling in minor gaps, but the truth is that they are fairly ineffective for some of the most important micronutrients our bodies need.

Vitamins such as A, E, D, etc, are all incredibly important to immune system function as well as overall bodily function. Experts typically agree that multivitamins show no discernible benefits when cross analyzed between groups that did take them and those that did not.

More importantly, bioavailability of multivitamins is low. Bioavailability is how much of that particular vitamin is available to be used effectively by your body after consumption. Many vitamins such as vitamin E are better absorbed through natural means.

The verdict is this: get your vitamins from food. Or so we thought.

The Longest Path to Vitamin Absorption

Through studying the gut microbiome and the amount of variance that exists person to person, it’s been shown that absorption of vitamins can vary dramatically person to person. There are factors at play that affect the absorption of all nutrients in the gut such as digestion in the stomach, small and large intestine, travel to the liver and then eventually absorption into the cells.

It is this lengthy journey that food or vitamins must make for them to finally be absorbed into your cells. The same example can be applied to highly fibrous foods. Yes, fiber is good for you. However, suppose you’ve just exercised incredibly hard and are feeling all around depleted, would you consume something dense such as an apple, or would you eat a ripe banana for a quick pick me up?

For vitamin absorption, it’s clear that the fastest path to wellness is getting an IV infusion of vitamins.

Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery IV Wellness Therapy

To further illustrate why IV infusions are the quickest route to feeling better, consider what those who are anemia prone are prescribed when their iron gets low. Are they asked to eat more spinach or beef? No. Not only is non-heme iron (iron found in plant-based sources) worse than heme-iron found in meats, both forms are not readily absorbable at all times. For example, many people do not know that consuming tea with an iron rich meal can dramatically reduce the absorption rates of iron due to tannins and oxalates.

These sorts of interactions in the gut show why a direct infusion is the best way to get the results you desire.

Dr. Mir’s IV has proven her expertise not only through her own practice as an M.D but also through her numerous interviews on several national television shows. When it comes to wellness—whether through aesthetic changes or bodily aid through IV nutrition therapy, Dr. Mir is an expert.

We offer several different custom blends that are sure to offer a solution to your specific problem, whether you are seeking energy, improved sleep, relief from pain, or a boost to your immune system. Look forward to a future post where we highlight some of these different blends and what they contain in depth!

IV Infusion for Nutrition Long Island NY

Whether it is IV infusions or the cosmetic procedure of your dreams, Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery is your one-stop for all of your anti-aging needs. Contact Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery to learn more about our Wellness Infusions today!

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