It Is Never Too Late to Be Beach Body Ready

Summer is upon us, but while the temperature may be rising you still have time to get fit and fab for the warm months ahead. With the help of Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg there are a number of things you can do to ensure that you are ready for fun in the sun.
If you struggle with slimming down your buttocks, thighs, arms, or love handles now is the time to visit Dr. Greenberg for a liposuction consultation. Not only can this procedure eliminate unwanted fat and extra inches, but it can also help you to finally contour parts of your body you never thought possible. Using only the latest technologies, Dr. Greenberg can perform on you what has become one of the most common and popular cosmetic procedures. Customizing methods to ensure optimal results for each individual patient, you will be nothing less than amazed by the results you receive.
For a flat summer belly that everyone will envy, consider stopping in to one of Dr. Greenberg’s three office to discuss a tummy tuck. With years of experience in abdominoplasty, Dr. Greenberg preforms many of these procedures weekly. A firm, smooth midsection is something you can have this summer!
If cellulite causes a “dimpling” appearance on parts of your thighs or buttocks, Dr. Greenberg can smooth away those areas just in time for bikini season. Cellulite, or enlarged fat cells that push up against the skin’s surface, cannot be eliminated by diet or exercise. However, both Dr. Greenberg and his team have had excellent results in treating these areas with Cellulaze or the LPG VelaSmooth System.  While those dimples may be frustrating, with Dr. Greenberg’s help they do not need to be permanent.
The summer season is one we are all meant to enjoy. Dr. Greenberg and his team are dedicated to doing everything they can to ensure that you feel confident and beautiful in the coming months.
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