Improve Your Breast Augmentation With Revision Surgery!

There are many reasons why women choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries for women in the United States. However, not all surgeries go according to plan. Perhaps the surgeon wasn’t skilled enough or there was simply a miscommunication that led to a different result. Sometimes we think we want something but once we get it we realize we wanted something else. We’re all human, as a result, cosmetic surgeries sometimes require touch-ups or fixes. Dr. Greenberg has consulted with numerous clients who wanted to undergo breast implant revision surgery, here are some common reasons patients approach us desiring a revision to their prior breast augmentation.

Dissatisfied With Bust Size After Surgery

Throughout the years we have had many clients come to us seeking an alteration to their bust size or shape. Many times, they’ve had surgery before, it could’ve been recently or it could have been many years ago. Breast augmentation surgery and techniques have, like many other surgeries, improved with time as better methods have gained traction. Dr. Greenberg is well versed in the latest and greatest breast augmentation and revision techniques so that you can rest assured you are getting the best possible treatment with us!

Everyone is unique and has different symmetries and shapes so it can be difficult for the person undergoing breast augmentation to visualize how implants may look on them if they’ve never had them. When you come into Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery, one of the very first things you’ll receive is an in-depth consultation so that we can appropriately understand what your expectations were with your first breast augmentation and where they went wrong. This will allow us to give you a perfect revision, one that you’ll be happy with.

Their Breast Implants Have Become Displaced or Ruptured

Breast implants can become displaced or ruptured with time. Though this generally doesn’t arouse any immediate medical concerns, it can be uncomfortable as well as stressful. Implants can shift in all manner of directions, upward, inward, downward, etc. The main issue is that the shifting disrupts shape and symmetry.

Typically speaking, larger implants have a greater chance of becoming displaced. Sometimes time and simple gravity will cause an implant to be pulled out of place over time, though this is less common. Capsular contracture is when scar tissue causes an implant to be squeezed since scar tissue is not nearly as elastic as regular, healthy skin.

A rupture can occur years after the surgery or as soon as you walk out of the door. The main reason is typically trauma to the breast such as an impact from falling or walking into an object. However, in many cases, breast implant rupture occurs because the implant is constricted and/or it has been filled up with too much saline solution.

In many cases, a rupture is caused by a surgical procedure unrelated or there is damage during the initial placement of the implants. For example, going in for a biopsy it’s possible that a surgical instrument may cause a rupture due to an operator unaware.

They Made The Wrong Choice In Implants

As discussed before, it can be difficult to assess what your first breast augmentation surgery may be like. Perhaps when you first chose to undergo a breast augmentation you made the decision to get silicone implants but you’ve now decided you want saline or vice versa. Not only that, but there are many other options that you can choose from such as round breast implants, smooth implants, textured implants, and the very popular gummy bear implants.

Breast Revision Surgery Long Island

Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery has helped many women who were displeased with the results of their last breast augmentation from another clinic.

It can be a very stressful experience to undergo breast implant surgery and not be satisfied with the results. Consider why it is that many women choose to get this surgery done and it’s easy to see why it is even more stressful when it goes awry or does not meet expectations.

Everyone wants to look their best—especially women. There are women who for their whole lives wished to have a more feminine physique or shape. Some women desire breast reductions too, size of the implants is not the important part, the important thing is that YOU are satisfied with the procedure and how you look.

Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery aims to provide natural-looking results with our breast augmentation and revision surgeries so that our clients can leave feeling their very best about how they look. If you feel like your breast augmentation was not performed to your liking or that you’ve since changed your opinion on what your ideal look is, it’s no problem!

Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery can perform revisions to your liking and Dr. Greenberg or any one of our highly experienced staff can consult with you and give our opinion. Dr. Greenberg has developed a keen eye having performed hundreds if not thousands of these procedures. Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery will be able to help you get the breast augmentation of your dreams.

Contact us today to book an appointment!

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