Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery Reopening

Reopening after COVID-19

If you haven’t already heard, Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery is back in action as coronavirus restrictions have eased and businesses are finally able to get back to brass tacks. We are both pleased and exceptionally grateful for the outpouring of praise and support we have received in the difficult period of lockdown. If one thing was clear to us during lockdown, it is that there is still a great demand for many different procedures. Thank you to all who signed up for virtual consultations, we look forward to seeing you all and moving forward with your aesthetic goals.

Going to the Hospital for Cosmetic Surgery After COVID-19

The majority of cosmetic surgery procedures fall under the category of elective procedures—meaning they are optional and not medically necessary. However, we understand the importance of being able to look the way you want to and feel confident in yourself.

Many hospitals deferred elective procedures to keep traffic to the hospital as essential as possible. Even now, many healthcare administrations are choosing to defer, postpone, or even outright cancel some elective procedures that they deem “unnecessary”. However, at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery, we have seen firsthand just how impactful a good cosmetic procedure can be in someone’s life. It’s not just about how you look, it’s about how you feel.

No doubt, the halting of many daily routines due to quarantine has left people with an unprecedented amount of time to think and reflect on what they would like to change in their life and in their shape and appearance. This is the story we’ve heard many times through our virtual consultations when inquring about our patient’s aesthetic goals.

Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery Ambulatory Center

Dr. Greenberg and staff are committed to working with only the best tools, technologies, and facility as possible. For that reason, Dr. Greenberg performs the vast majority of all his surgical work in our state-of-the-art ambulatory center which is fully accredited with the AAAASF.

Many procedures that can make significant differences in your appearance can be done in one day and do not require overnight hospital stay—perfect for the circumstances that are upon us at this time.

Visit Us For Your Elective Procedures

Using our own ambulatory center is a major advantage for choosing us to perform your elective procedure. Even as lockdown restrictions ease, many people are still yet fearful of going to their usual spots or visiting crowded places. A hospital is perhaps the least likely place anyone would choose to be during this time if they did not have to be.

As a result, those who are looking to get cosmetic procedures done are in a pinch. They are able to get procedures done but are concerned about visiting the hospital or other outpatient facilities due to fears over coronavirus.

We understand how important it is that you feel safe. We are committed to a stringent routine of safety we are performing in response to new regulations and best safety and sanitation practices regarding COVID-19, so that you can get the surgical procedure you desire without worry.

We are looking forward to providing the latest and best treatments and procedures so that you can meet your aesthetic goals in 2020.

If you have any questions, contact us today or book a complimentary virtual consultation to figure out a roadmap for the new you!
Reopening after COVID-19

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