Refine Yourself with a Full Body Lift Post-Bariatric Surgery

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Being significantly overweight can leave people with rock-bottom self confidence as well as the myriad of issues that clinical obesity presents. It is for this reason that bariatric surgery exists. Bariatric surgery is a term that encompasses the many different procedures that are aimed at changing your digestive system in the hopes that that will snowball into weight loss.

Gastric bypass is a well known procedure that is done by creating a small pouch from the stomach and then joining the pouch to the small intestine. The end result of the procedure will make the initial entry point to the stomach smaller, thus encouraging the person to eat less food since their stomach can hold considerably less initially than before. Any food you eat will travel from the pouch to your small intestine.

That is just one example of a common surgery that is used to promote weight loss in those who have tried other methods and simply cannot get them to work. For those who struggle with being overweight, these surgeries can be life changing and help them get down to a safe, healthy weight.

However, many people find that once they have gotten down to a more manageable weight that there are some very specific issues that may be plaguing them. These issues can be resolved with Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery’s procedures that are perfect for post-bariatric surgery!

Full Body Lift Post-Bariatric Surgery

A full body lift is exactly as it sounds. You can achieve a sleeker, more contoured lift with this incredibly popular procedure. Nothing can replace a healthy diet and exercise, but why not go all the way? You never know how your figure will look after losing weight and getting healthy. While your dietary choices and commitment to exercise are the products of your hard work, how you ultimately look in the end will always differ from other people.

Muscle insertions, limb proportions, your fat distribution, the overall shape of your body is not entirely within your control. If you have a goal to look a certain way, surgical intervention is a logical choice.

One such thing out of your control is how you look after dramatic weight loss. It really is a cruel joke in some sense: you’ve struggled with being overweight with the health and confidence issues that come with it. You finally take matter into your own hands and try everything possible to lose weight. Whether it is through traditional means such as exercise or through bariatric surgery, you finally achieve your goal. Congratulations!

But now you’re left with a lot of loose, baggy skin that hangs over in folds.

A full body lift can vertically tighten the skin so that it no longer hangs over in folds. Vertical tightening will require a thin incision around the waist in which the skin will then be pulled up or down. Excess tissue will be removed from areas such as the back, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.

Because this is a comprehensive procedure, it will involve other procedures that can treat specific areas. An upper arm lift can remove loose skin that hangs on their upper arms.

The breasts are also an area that become affected by excess skin issues. As the fat cells in your breast tissue expand when you gain weight, so too do they grow smaller when weight is lost. However, the skin that was stretched has a reduced elasticity and can no longer conform to the shape you’ve trimmed down to.

Liposuction is a choice that many people do not initially consider after bariatric surgery. The reason being is that liposuction is often touted as a way to reduce fat in the abdominal region. Once people undergo bariatric surgery and lose a tremendous amount of weight, they feel as if the option is off the table or unsuitable. This is not true! Liposuction actually excels in these situations as it is a precise procedure that can remove fat deposits in localized areas such as the abdomen.

Even after losing a lot of weight, there’s no guarantee you will have the level of leanness you desire in the abdominal region. There are many people who naturally store more fat in this area and so even at lower percentages of body fat they find themselves still appearing more fuller in the belly than they would like.

Full Body Lift Long Island

Everyone’s circumstances are different following post-bariatric surgery.

Contact Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery today to book a consultation so we can decide on the best course of action for you. Our full body lift is one of our popular procedures as we do everything that needs to be done in this lengthy session.

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