Frequently Asked Questions About A Fat Transfer

1. What Is a Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting)?

Many people haven’t heard of fat grafting, fat transfer, or lipoinjection. Fat Grafting is a series of two procedures; the first is where the fat in one section of the body is removed, and the second procedure is where the surgeon injects the fat cells into the area of treatment.

2. Why Do People Seek Fat Transfer Treatment?

It is used to plump up areas of the body, such as the cheeks, face, lips, and to correct skin issues, like acne scars and hollowed eyes. This procedure looks much more natural than other artificial fillers because it is your own body fat that is plumping the areas.

4. What Should You Expect During Your Consultation?

To begin, you will meet with a surgeon. Please bring your medical history to their attention, to rule out any possible issues. Safety is always a number one priority. Next, your surgeon will ask your goals of this procedure. What do you want to improve? What is your expected outcome? Then your surgeon will break down the process of the fat transfer and answer your questions. Finally, the price of the procedure will be discussed, and you can ask to see images of other clients so you can see how good the results panned out on other individuals.

5. How Long Is The Recovery?

The recovery time for this procedure is anywhere from two days to two weeks, but it all depends on the treatment area. Your surgeon will inform you of any special instructions for recovery.

6. When Will I See Results?

Typically, patients see results in three to four months.

8. How Long Does The Procedure Take?

A typical session can last between one and five hours. It depends on where the fat cells are being taken from and where they are being transferred to.

If you are interested in learning more about the many benefits that a fat transfer can provide, reach out to us here at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery and speak to one of our caring professionals to learn more. Contact us today and schedule your consultation towards a younger looking you !

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