French Implants in the News

We have been seeing some patients come in concerned about the current issues with French implants. Anyone concerned can call our office and we can schedule a complimentary consultation.

See the article below:

1,000 South Americans to sue over French implants: lawyer
10 January 2012 | 21:06 | FOCUS News Agency
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Paris. About 1,000 South American women plan to sue French firm PIP over the potentially faulty breast implants the company supplied to about 300,000 women across the world, their lawyer said Tuesday, cited by AFP.
Lawyer Arie Alimi said about 500 Argentinian women and an equal number from Venezuela were planning to be civil plainitffs in the probe by French police into PIP and its founder Jean-Claude Mas.
The probe is expected to lead to a court case to be held in the southern French city of Marseille later this year.
PIP allegedly used an illegal industrial-grade gel that investigators say has led to abnormally high rates of ruptured implants.
France, Germany and the Czech Republic have recommended that the devices be removed as a precaution but Britain has said it will not follow suit.
Thirteen countries in Europe and Latin America have urged women to have a checkup. In two of them — Bolivia and Venezuela — the state is offering operations to have the implants removed, but has not made this a recommendation.
In contrast, Australia says it found no evidence that the implants posed a risk.
More than 450 lawsuits have been filed in three countries, and French police have placed PIP and its 72-year-old founder under investigation.

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