Freeze Fat Off With Coolsculpting!

Ever thought of CoolSculpting? Every year, millions of Americans embark on grueling diets and fitness regimens. A portion of these people succeed, many of them fail. Even worse is the category of people who succeed…and still don’t look the way they want to. If you are unhappy with your results or are seeking to customize your look without having to go under the knife, Coolsculpting may be for you.

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting (cryolipolysis) is a highly popular treatment that is capable of reducing stubborn body fat. Coolsculpting is non-invasive and FDA approved. It works by using freezing temperatures to destroy fat cells. The benefit to this treatment is that it does no damage to the area of the skin being targeted, but is able to penetrate through the layers of the skin and break down fat.

A vacuum-like device is used to suck the skin towards an applicator device that cools the fat cells. As you might expect, you will feel a cooling sensation on the skin and the area will experience some numbness due to the temperatures.

Who Does Coolsculpting Work Best For?

Coolsculpting works best for people with stubborn belly fat that simply will not give regardless of exercise or diet. It is not a good procedure for people who still have a sizable amount of body fat—something like liposuction would be ideal for people looking to lose a lot of weight. It just so happens that Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery specializes in something called Smart Lipo if you are looking to take that first step towards a major fat reduction!

Stubborn belly fat is the most common complaint people have about their physiques. As we stated earlier, so many people diet and exercise vigorously but still find themselves disappointed with what they see in the mirror. In many cases, this is due to a poor fat distribution or leftover weight from when they were overweight. It can be difficult to get rid of this fat and just as easy to put it back on, why?

Not everyone stores fat the same, and not everyone has the same fat storage. When you gain weight in the form of body fat, you’re filling those fat stores—the fat cells. However, consider that if you’ve ever been overweight or if you’ve had a lot of belly fat at some point, your body at some point had to create enough fat cells to store that fat.

When you lose weight, these cells do not disappear. You may lose the fat, but the “container” for it still remains. This means it is also easier to put that weight back on in that spot. This was once likely a survival mechanism to ensure you could easily store fat and lose it based on the availability of food, but we don’t live in the wild anymore!

What Areas Can Coolsculpting Be Used On?

While it is mostly used for fat reduction around the abdominals, Coolsculpting can also be used in a variety of different areas. Many common problem areas for people are:

  • The abdominal area
  • The upper arms
  • Upper and lower back
  • The outer and inner thighs

These are not the only locations, however. Anywhere that fat can be accumulated visibly on the body is a place that can be Coolsculpted.

How Fast Does Coolsculpting Work?

Because the fat cells themselves are being eliminated, preliminary results can come fairly quickly, but expect the full benefits of the procedure to not be apparent until a few weeks. The body requires time to metabolize and get rid of the destroyed cells. While a single treatment can yield benefits, some patients may require more than one treatment to obtain the results they are looking for. Consult with our staff at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery and they will be happy to give an evaluation and a treatment plan best suited to you.

Is Coolsculpting Safe?


Coolsculpting is very safe, as a non-invasive procedure, it avoids many of the safety concerns that surgery tends to elicit in people. Aesthetic Surgery Journal reported that less than 1{6185f9fd976fcd6062d90727d31c06bb37ace863a77be9111580b516dc262aca} of people had reported complications as a result of the procedure.

Coolsculpting in Boca Raton

You can break a sweat jogging in the heat of South FL, or you can just visit Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery in Boca Raton to beat the heat (and fat) with Coolsculpting!

Coolsculpting has become an absolute juggernaut in the world of body contouring since it was approved by the FDA in 2011. Millions of people have undergone Coolsculpting treatment and have found their results to be pleasing!

Why wait? Your ideal physique is just an appointment away! Contact us at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery at any one of our locations and our patient and highly knowledgable staff will be more than happy to help you be on your way to being in the best shape you’ve ever been!

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