Fat Transfer in NYC – Everything You Need to Know

A fat transfer in NYC is a well-established plastic surgery technique that allows our surgeon to increase volume in certain areas of your body or face with the most natural material possible–your very own fat. Advancements in fat transfer, also referred to as structural fat grafting or fat injection, has allowed plastic surgeons to deliver near permanent results.  Consequently, the technique is now considered a viable alternative to breast implants, facial dermal fillers, and butt implants.


This procedure is generally perceived to be safer than synthetic implants (breast and butt implants) since it uses your own fat, which is collected through liposuction and is injected into the areas that need additional volume or contouring.  Nonetheless, it remains a sacrosanct rule to only have this procedure performed by a skilled plastic surgeon.

Long-Term Results

Studies have shown that on average, 50-60 percent of fat cells survive long-term, provided that blood supply ingrowth has occurred.  Take note that the grafts need a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients to persist in their new location.  Fortunately, this is possible with meticulous fat injection techniques.

Ideal Candidates for a Fat Transfer

The right candidates for a fat transfer must be physically fit; have decent skin elasticity so the liposuction or donor site will remain smooth after surgery; have enough donor fat; and have realistic goals and expectations. To qualify for a fat transfer in NYC, you should also be fully committed to your recovery and to maintaining your results.


When it comes to buttocks augmentation, most plastic surgeons prefer performing a fat transfer to the buttocks over butt implants. This is because fat transfers provide natural results, safety, and drastic improvements in the body’s proportion. After all, the waistline is almost always considered an ideal donor site, and so you can also expect a drastic improvement in your waist-to-hip ratio after surgery.

Facial Rejuvenation

Many surgeons today incorporate fat transfer techniques during a facelift to ensure more rejuvenating and natural effects.

To learn more about getting a fat transfer in NYC, contact the experts at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery, with offices located in Manhattan, Southampton, Woodbury, and Boca Raton. Contact us today to book a consultation.

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