Delicious and Healthy New Years Eve Appetizers

I recently wrote a blog post that discussed so-called “healthy holiday foods” that were anything but. People tend to pack on the pounds during the month of December more than any other month with Thanksgiving just passing (and all those leftovers) as well as Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years Eve. For those of you looking for healthy options this New Years Eve, I posted a few healthy (and delicious) New Years Eve appetizer recommendations.

– Potato Skins – Potato Skins are delicious, but most people add things like sour cream, bacon, and cheese that tend to make the appetizer very fattening. Try using low fat cheese and sour cream with your potato skin for a delicious and healthy appetizer

– Fresh Fruit – Fruit platters are a simple way and delicious way to satisfy guests on New Years Eve. Get one with a lot of variety and be a hit at any New Years Eve party while still keeping it healthy.

– Eggplant Dip – Eggplant Dip (also known as Baba Ghanoush) is another delicious and very healthy appetizer option containing no cholesterol and being very low in saturated fat.

– Replace the Crackers with Veggies – If you must have an unhealthy dip at your New Years Eve celebration, consider replacing crackers with veggies. You’ll still get to enjoy the deliciousness of the dip, but at a much healthier level.

– Fresh Salsa – Avoid that processed stuff and instead go with the fresh salsa which is packed with veggies.

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