Celebrate Father’s Day in Style with Our Daddy Do Over Package!

Mother’s day has just passed by and throughout the country we celebrated the wonderful women that made our upbringing what it was, as well as continue to celebrate all they do for us! However, we can’t forget all of the hard work fathers in the world put in. As a result, Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery is happy to provide the perfect package of cosmetic procedures that is sure to leave Dad feeling renewed and reinvigorated for Father’s Day!

What is in the Daddy Do Over?

Just like with our Modern Mommy Makeover, we combine a slew of popular treatments we have for men that result in a more ideal figure according to most men themselves! Hair restoration, gynecomastia surgery, emsculpt, and injectables round out this package with a fairly comprehensive focus on improving key aspects of common male aesthetic woes, just in time for Father’s Day!

Hair Restoration for Men

Hair loss is an issue that affects many men as each decade in their life passes. For some, loss can begin as early as age 15 or 16. Most commonly, men who will experience hair loss start to see the effects of androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss) in their mid to late twenties. According to the American Hair Loss Association, it is estimated that by age 35, approximately two-thirds of men have some type of noticeable hair loss. These odds increase as men enter their 40s and beyond where balding progresses all the way or noticeable thinning has occurred.

Sometimes, hair loss can be caused by non-hereditary factors such as stress which can trigger telogen effluvium, or nutritional deficiencies such as anemia which can cause acute hair loss in some individuals.

How Hair Loss is Treated in Men

Regardless of the cause, Dr. Greenberg is well versed in the various procedures that can help hair loss including the innovative, FDA approved treatment Neograft which works by transplanting groupings of thicker hair follicles and delivering them to the targeted area to fight off thinning.

Many men thin up top but retain the thickness of the hair on their temples, distributing that hair more evenly can go a long way in presenting a natural look.

Additionally, ACP hair restoration is a hot new procedure in stimulating new growth in the hair by utilizing the healing benefits of your own blood. ACP is Autologous Conditioned Plasma, which is a naturally occuring substance in blood which stimulates healing and recovery in the body. When blood is spun in a centrifuge, you can obtain ACP in a concentrated amount which can then be injected wherever needed. Outcomes with ACP treatment are quite promising so don’t forget to inquire about it if this method interests you!

Impact of Hair Loss on Quality of Life

You don’t know what you had until it’s gone, so they say. The same goes for hair loss. Anyone who has experienced hair loss was likely surprised by how impacting it was to their self esteem. While a choice few may not be all that bothered, we tie a lot of our self image and sense of style to how we style our hair. In other words, your hair style says a lot about you!

When hair thinning becomes noticeable, style no longer becomes possible. The only possible style is whichever can cover the balding best—which can be a stressful experience and a source of anxiety every time you look in the mirror. These are but a few of the many things our clients have told us over the years when inquring about hair restoration. It also goes without saying that these treatments work for both men and women, and women can also experience hair loss.

Male Breast Reduction

While weight gain is a part of life we all must contend with as we age, for some men there is one constant whether they are thin or overweight—they always seem to have excess fat on their chest that droops. What many men do not know is that this is not actually body fat but is breast tissue!

This issue is called gynecomastia and no matter how much exercise, dieting, and muscle gain that is achieved, this breast tissue will stay there. In fact, one of the ways this condition is terrible for men’s self-esteem is that the achievement of good chest muscle development will make the breasts protrude even further!

This protrusion often pokes through shirts and can be a source of great self-consciousness for even the least vain of men. It is only natural that we’d like to look good with our shirts off as well.

How Can Gynecomastia be Treated?

It is simple.

Dr. Greenberg can perform a simple surgical procedure to remove the excess fat and glandular tissue. That’s all it takes, a quick and efficient procedure to return your body to more even proportions once more!

Get Chiseled with Emsculpt

A lean and muscular physique is not only healthy but can take years off of your appearance. Weight gain and loss of muscle definition is par the course for many older men, even starting as soon as their 30s. Simply looking lean and toned can keep you looking young for many decades to come!

EMSCULPT can achieve that through non-surgical means by toning the abdomen through the usage of high-intensity electromagnetic technology. EM waves stimulate muscle activity to cause your muscles to contract repeatedly far more than is ordinarily possible during workouts or other methods. These forced contractions will cause the inner structures of the muscles targeted.

Male Facial Injectables Treatment

Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, all serve a similar purpose in mitigating wrinkles and other age-related lines on your face. Many wrinkles are the result not of age or bad habits, but simply using your face properly and expressing yourself! Wrinkles can develop from making simple expressions, and when we are starting to lose skin elasticity, the wrinkles begin to stay deeper and deeper.

Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery has implemented injectables and dermal fillers for many years and we cannot stress enough the importance of having someone skilled such as Dr. Greenberg do the job. Utilizing injectables such as Botox is not just a matter of injecting them, they require a fine understanding of which muscles require relaxing without overdoing the effect to create the dreaded “stiff” look.

At Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery, you are in good hands.

Father’s Day Cosmetic Package Long Island NY

Sunday, June 21st is Father’s Day in the United States. We’re certain Dad has enough socks and underwear to last him a lifetime, this Father’s day, let Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery give dad a total body rewind he never knew was possible!

Contact us today to learn more about our procedures today!

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