We could all use a little body inspiration from time to time and what better way to find it than to salute some of the world’s most beautiful breasts. For some of these ladies winning the genetic lottery has come with a natural bust, while for others cosmetic enhancement has helped to boost them right into our favor. Regardless, we feel these women are a great source of motivation if you are considering a consultation.
Forties and Fabulous 
Catherine Zeta Jones
At 43 this gorgeous actress is looking better than ever. Catherine’s chest is especially enviable because she has the perfect combination of natural looking lift and proportionate size. Keeping women like Catherine in mind when you stop in for a consultation will allow you to maintain your hot mom status for years to come!
Tall and Proportionate 
Blake Lively 
This blonde beauty is an inspiration to us all. However, what we love about Blake is that her chest is perfectly proportioned to her tall and slender frame. If you are lucky enough to have super model height like this gossip girl, be sure to keep her in mind.
Shapely and Stunning 
Jennifer Hudson
Shapely AND stunning, Jennifer Hudson is a perfect example of a woman who works her curves. If you are interested in an augmentation and want to accentuate a curvy figure with a natural looking chest, Ms. Hudson is a great source for inspiration.
A Beautiful B
Kelly Rowland 
Opting to augment her original A cup chest, Kelly Rowland is a source of encouragement for women hoping to migrate towards a B or small C. By choosing to make a change that was far from drastic, Ms. Rowland has maintained a very natural look, while still fitting great into sheer dresses like the one above!
Healthy Inspiration
Jennifer Aniston  
It is no wonder why people say Jennifer Aniston gets better looking with age. Her incredible figure has made our list because it is the ultimate example of healthy and natural. If you have an athletic build and are considering an augmentation, Jennifer’s chest could be the perfect match for you.
Perfectly Petite
Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Love Hewitt 
While they may be petite, their chests are anything but. However, like many of the ladies on our list we love that Scarlett and Jennifer embrace their cup sizes. Their voluptuous curves do not overwhelm their small frames. If you are around the 5 foot mark and eager for a curvier look Scarlett and Jennifer are definitely your girls.
Remember, every woman is beautiful and unique in her own way. Stopping in to speak with Dr. Greenberg is a great approach to creating the body you have always dreamed of, while maintaining the natural look we all envy.
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