Breast Implants: Sizes and Profiles

One of the most popular plastic surgery options in the world is breast augmentation surgery. It’s the best possible way for a woman to enhance her curves and improve the femininity of her overall appearance. By undergoing breast augmentation, you can actually enhance all of the contours of your figure in some unexpected ways.

About Breast Augmentation with Implants

In basic terms, breast augmentation surgery will involve the placement of breast implants into the breast pockets. By doing this, the overall size, shape, and appearance of the patient’s breasts can be greatly improved.

This sounds simple, but there are many matters to consider when it comes to selecting the right breast implants for the patient. We’d like to focus right now on two concerns about breast implants: breast implant size and breast implant profile.

Issues Regarding Breast Implant Size

The size of the breast implants obviously determines the overall cup size of a woman’s breasts. The size of the breast implants is variable in order to meet the needs of the patient, and that goes for the various types of implants on the market (i.e., saline, silicone, cohesive gel).

Is bigger better?

Not necessarily.

While bigger breast implants may seem more desirable, sometimes a woman only needs a slight boost in size in order to enhance their appearance. We will go over all of your options for breast implant size, and we’ll help you decide on the best option for your needs.

Remember: the best overall look often involves complementing or enhancing your existing curves rather than simply increasing the overall size of the breasts.

Issues Regarding Breast Implant Profile

One factor that’s not always discussed by patients but is of particular interest to a cosmetic plastic surgeon is breast implant profile. This refers to the amount of forward projection that the breast implants will have when in place. The higher the profile, the more pronounced the amount of projection.

What implant profile will be best for me?

This is a factor that varies based on the patient. Usually the patient’s overall anatomy, current breast size, body type, and physique will help determine which profile is ideal. The size of the breast implants will also be taken into account when assessing proper profile.

Other Issues to Consider Regarding Breast Implants

In addition to breast implant size and profile, there are many other concerns to keep in mind, such as breast implant composition, the incisions used for the surgery, and the placement of the breast implants relative to pectoral muscle. We will be sure to go over all of these matters with you in full detail during your visit.

Learn More About Breast Implants

For more information about breast implants and whether they are the best option for achieving your aesthetic goals, it’s important that you discuss these matters with a skilled plastic surgeon.

To schedule a consultation, be sure to contact our New York cosmetic plastic surgery centers today. With offices in Manhattan, Southampton, and Woodbury, we will be able to help you achieve all of your aesthetic goals and make the smartest decision for your particular situation as well.

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