Breast Augmentation Incision

A Focus on Breast Augmentation

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*originally posted in Long Island Press

Breast augmentation patients are women of all ages and walks of life. Each has unique considerations and desires. Some lost breast tissue and size after pregnancy or breast feeding and want the volume back they once had. Others never felt they had adequate size or shape. These individual differences make every procedure unique. But almost uniformly, patients seek a balanced and natural appearance. My cosmetic surgery philosophy is that the best results come from a natural and not “done” look.

Women have many options when they choose breast augmentation. Some of the factors that will affect your outcome are the location of the incision, where the implant is placed, and the style of the implant. My favorite all-around incision is known as the “crease incision” which is smaller than 1 inch, and placed within the crease of the breast. The incision should fade away very nicely, but even if it doesn’t, it’s well hidden within the crease. I believe that most of the time, implants should be placed underneath the muscle for a safe and natural look. A few patients may also choose to have a lift, at the same time as the implants, if their breasts have begun to sag.

Medical advances have made the surgery and recovery often surprisingly easy. The procedure generally takes around one hour. Special bandages and dressings are removed the next day and patients wear a sport-type support bra for about one month after the procedure. It is common for implants to “ride high” on the chest for a while after surgery, and like most procedures, final results are complete after two to three months.

Most patients just need to take a few days off from work and are allowed to begin gentle exercise at about three weeks. Breast augmentation is safe, effective and can produce beautiful results!

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