3 Incredible Treatments to Start the New Year Off Right

As we move along through the first quarter of 2021, there is a kind of stagnation that many people are feeling. Is it really 2021? This feels the same as last year! Truly, the impact of COVID-19 is still being felt as the pandemic continues on and many people are either forced to live under social restrictions or in some locations quarantine.

However, the vaccine has given people hope and bravery to slowly resume their social lives. There is great optimism that as the year goes on, things will gradually get better and we can reemerge into a semblance of what our prior lives looked like. After many months of uncertainty, this is great news!

The real question is, what will you look like in that future?

Emerging from Your Cocoon with Cosmetic Surgery

Like many, you have most likely been keeping your social life pruned compared to what is once was. It seems social outings are fewer and farther in between than they once were—how long has it been since your acquaintances have seen you?

Much of last year was like being in a cocoon; if you ever wanted to make a grand entrance and truly signal to others how things have changed, Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery is here to help!

Here are a few procedures we’d recommend to start the new year off right.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

2020 was the year of dry hands and maskne. Maskne is the name given to the rise of acne and skin inflammation that occurs along the lining of (and under) the face masks we have been wearing for the better part of a year now.

There has been a steady increase in cases of acne/breakouts related to masks—especially for medical professionals who must wear masks for the majority of the day.

Laser skin resurfacing is a wonderfully effective procedure that Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery has been performing for many years. Laser skin resurfacing can zap away wrinkles and scars using laser energy. What this procedure does is remove the topmost layers of your skin which are often battered and dull, and reveal the fresh skin underneath. It is like regular exfoliation, but more effective and can go deeper.

Our laser skin resurfacing in Long Island will confer a youthful appearance and healthier skin!

Breast Augmentation

Breast size and shape has always been a focal point for women in terms of procedures. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the most common cosmetic procedure in 2019 was the breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation often tops the list for the most popular cosmetic procedure and has ever since the procedure hit the market a year after silicone breast implants were invented in 1961.

Contrary to popular belief, options to modify the look of your breasts is not just about size enlargement or reduction. Breast augmentation is a nuanced approach to each patient’s aesthetic goals. One thing we have learned from our clients is that what people want out of their breast shape and size is always varying, which is great!

It is important that you find a cosmetic surgery provider that truly listens to your needs and goals and can offer you professional counsel. Dr. Greenberg has successfully performed countless breast augmentations and can assist our patients with his assessments that are backed by over 2 decades of experience.

Face Lift and Mini Face Lift

The face lift also commonly ranks within the top 5 most commonly performed cosmetic procedures. Like getting breast enlargement, the face lift is a household name. Despite its name, the procedure is not something crazy like getting your whole face rearranged.

It is actually a very reasonable procedure that is designed to give the recipient a more youthful look by pulling back sagging in multiple areas such as the cheeks, jowls, and help reduce the overall appearance of excess skin. Dr. Greenberg has performed many face lifts in Long Island and has happily consulted with many patients who were interested in the procedure.

For those who are interested in a less invasive option, the mini facelift can also provide great results. The mini face lift will provide effective but subtler results, while those seeking more extensive changes should opt for the traditional face lift.

Cosmetic Surgery in Long Island

Dr. Greenberg of Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery is one of the premiere cosmetic surgeons in New York, as well as a surgeon that has worked with many celebrities garnering national recognition. We strongly believe that the Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery team can go above and beyond in helping our clients achieve the look of their dreams!

Contact Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule a consultation today.

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