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Foods to Avoid in 2012

Posted Jan 9, 2012 by SEO Admin

Recently I posted tips and advice for losing weight this year. It is not only important to focus on exercising regularly and eating right, but it is also important to avoid the foods that will set you back in your weight loss plan. Here are recommended foods to avoid while you work on shedding those pounds?


- Sugary Drinks: One of the biggest culprits in the weight gain department are sugary drinks like regular soda and fruit punch. Either go for the diet soda or avoid soda altogether and drink water.

- Potato Chips: A favorite amongst snack foods, potato chips are filled with fat and cholesterol and can quickly pack on the pounds. Snacking in general tends to be dangerous since people don't view it the same (in terms of their daily food intake) as their regular meals, but can be the main culprit in weight gain.

- Regular Beer: While beer in general (including light beer) sho

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Keeping Your New Year's Weight Loss Resolution

Posted Jan 4, 2012 by SEO Admin

One of the more popular New Year's Resolutions is shedding those extra pounds you might have added on during the holiday season. This is why regular gym-goers always have a packed gym in January and, since these resolutions tend to only last for a short period of time, have an empty gym to go to come February. It's difficult to get back into the exercise routine especially when you haven't done it for a long period of time. In order to help keep your New Year's weight loss resolution, I've listed some tips to help get you back into shape.

- Substitute "Regular" Food Items with Low Fat: A simple way to shed some pounds is by substituting your favorite fatty foods with low fat or non-fat items. The same goes with drinks. If you drink Coke regularly, have Diet Coke (or water) instead. Read reviews online for brands that make a sufficient healthy alternative to your favorite fatty foods.

- Don't Stray From Your Gym Schedule: Eme

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