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Make sure your skin is picture perfect on your wedding day!

Posted May 29, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

Look picture perfect and feel beautifully radiant on your special day with pre-wedding cosmetic plastic surgery and treatments by Dr. Stephen Greenberg. Let Dr. Greenberg rejuvenate your skin, enhance your lips or contour your body just the way you've always wanted. Follow our Beauty Time Line, select and schedule the cosmetic plastic surgery or treatments you want most, and enjoy a bridal discount. Bring your mother or a best friend too!

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Reasons for Revision Rhinoplasty

Posted May 26, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

Revision rhinoplasty is a corrective procedure that can help many patients who suffer from complications and other issues following an initial rhinoplasty surgery. We'd like to examine this surgery and what it entails right now.

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It Is Never Too Late to Be Beach Body Ready

Posted May 24, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

Summer is upon us, but while the temperature may be rising you still have time to get fit and fab for the warm months ahead. With the help of Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg there are a number of things you can do to ensure that you are ready for fun in the sun. 

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Types of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Posted May 19, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

Long Island plastic surgeon Stephen T. Greenberg performs different types of tummy tuck surgeries to meet the unique needs of each of his patients.

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What to Expect after Rhinoplasty

Posted May 12, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

Long Island plastic surgeon Stephen Greenberg describes the rhinoplasty recovery process.

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FAQs about Breast Implants and Pregnancy

Posted May 7, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

Long Island plastic surgeon Stephen T. Greenberg discusses the impact of pregnancy on breast implants, as well as how breast implants affect pregnancy.

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Sweat No More!

Posted May 7, 2013 by Stephen Greenberg, MD

Our newest and most exciting procedure of the Spring will be featured on Dr. Oz tomorrow!!! Tune in tomorrow to learn all about miraDry. How amazing would it be if you could go throughout life without armpit sweat and armpit odor? Brides and grooms- don't you have enough to worry about on your big day?? Ladies- never ruin a silk blouse again! This procedure is very safe, effective and cleared by the FDA. Here are some FAQ's about the procedure and be sure to watch Dr. Oz tomorrow May 8th to learn more about miraDry.

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