Size Matters: Let’s Talk Breasts

When it comes to cosmetic breast surgery there is an option for everyone. Whether you are flat, droopy, uneven, or too large, there is a solution for you. With multiple incision types, techniques, and implant size/projections for every anatomy, the process can seem overwhelming. 

Here at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery in Woodbury, Smithtown, and Southampton on Long Island, as well as in Manhattan and Scarsdale New York, our surgeons discuss your unique breast anatomy, shape, and cup size to ensure the best and most natural results. Call us directly at (516) 217-8120 or complete an inquiry form for more information.

About Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation is a 30-minute (yes, only 30 minutes!) procedure where an implant is placed in the breast to provide fullness and enhance the breast shape. There are two types of implants, saline and silicone gel. Saline implants are seldom used nowadays compared to their silicone gel competitors. It is recommended to replace saline implants every 10 years, whereas silicone gel implants are longer lasting. Silicone, or gummy bear gel implants, are softer, smoother, and do not exhibit the “rippling effect” that is commonly seen among saline implants.

There are different types of projections and shapes among silicone implants that are tailored for each anatomy. A moderate plus implant is wider and less projected and is ideal for patients who have a wide chest and want a rounder shape. High profile implants are our most used implants that yield natural results and fit most body shapes. For patients with a narrower chest diameter, an extra high projection implant provides natural volume and shape to fit a thin frame.

Breast Augmentation & Breast Lift

Most patients come to us without a clear vision as to what size or projection will work best for them. Our surgeons are skilled at choosing the most appropriate implant based on the patient’s specific anatomy and desired result. Patients can see what an implant will look like on their body, at our Woodbury, Long Island office, we offer customized 3D imaging. 

If the breasts are drooping or have excess skin, a breast lift can be performed at the same time as a breast augmentation. This typically requires a few additional incisions around the areola and down to the breast crease. A breast lift shifts the nipple and areola upward and tightens the breast skin around the implant. This is ideal for patients who complain of sagging skin with minimal breast volume.

Breast Reduction

Let’s face it, large breasts can be a burden. Back pain, shoulder pain, bra strap grooving, muscle spasms, and poor posture are just a few of the complaints we hear from women who suffer from the variety of symptoms associated with heavy breasts. Difficulty exercising and the inability to wear certain clothing are common activities that women struggle with due to the weight of their breasts. 

A breast reduction is a procedure that both reduces the size and reshapes the breast to a smaller and perkier profile. This in-office procedure takes only 2 hours to perform, and patients go home the same day. Patients are often surprised at how much lighter they feel the next day. This procedure not only changes what patients are able to wear but will change the way they look and feel for the rest of their life.

Find out which breast procedure is best for you. For more information, or to book your personal consultation at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery, call (516) 217-8120 or use our online inquiry form for more details.

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