Dr. Greenberg Asked by OK! Magazine to Comment on Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Rumors

In addressing the rumors swirling about Jennifer Aniston having Plastic Surgery OK! Magazine called on Dr. Greenberg for his opinion:
Maybe Pregnant Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Rumors After Canceled Wedding and Brad Pitt Claims?
Jennifer Aniston, who the tabloids claim may be pregnant, is now facing even more plastic surgery rumors. These latest allegations come after claims that Aniston has canceled her wedding to Justin Theroux and has turned to Brad Pitt for comfort.
According to the newest edition of OK! Magazine, Jennifer Aniston has undergone more cosmetic surgery than even she is claiming. The U.S. tabloid quotes a source as revealing:
“Some of [Jen’s] pals think she’s had a breast lift and lip augmentation. They’re also convinced she’s had Botox on her forehead, laser resurfacing on her neck and fillers around her eyes.”
Some of these sentiments were reiterated by Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S, a reputable plastic surgeon in New York. The doctor, who admits that he has never worked on Aniston, told the publication what he sees:
“She’s definitely had injections, like Botox, and other injectable fillers, like Juvederm.”
These latest claims follow tabloid reports that claimed Justin Theroux may have cheated on Aniston. This week, OK! also reported that Aniston has turned to Brad Pitt for emotional support. According to a source who spoke with the publication, Brad keeps tabs on Jen, even though they broke up long ago:
“It may be years since they divorced, but he hears the stories. He has his own network of mutual friends who tell him what’s going on in Jen’s life…Brad still knows Jen probably better than anyone in the world. He’s very perceptive and can tell she’s been having a tough time lately, which is why he decided to reach out to her.”
The same insider claimed that Jennifer was actually closer to Brad than Justin:
“Despite everything [Jen and Brad] have been through, she trusts him completely, and still says she can talk to him better than any man on earth, Justin included.”
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