Velasmooth Cellulite Treatment

Cosmetic Surgery: Beauty By Choice, not by Chance

Fighting Aging & Cellulite with Velasmooth & Thermage

*originally posted in Long Island Press

Eventually, none of us can escape the effects of age, gravity and genetics. If your mother has cellulite, you probably will too. You’re 50 years old, your jowls are starting to hang. Over 80 percent of women above the age of 20 have cellulite, regardless of the size and shape of their bodies. Fortunately, there are many nonsurgical solutions to the impact these outside-of-our-control elements can have on our skin. VelaSmooth is the latest, most advanced skin tightening and cellulite-reduction treatment. In fact, it is the first and only medical device to be FDA-cleared for the treatment of cellulite. The procedure uses a combination of radio frequency and light energies, plus tissue massage and gentle suction, to effectively improve the appearance of cellulite. The light energy preheats the treatment area. At the same time, a gentle suction aids in the deep penetration of the radio frequency energy into the fat tissue, redistributing and increasing the metabolism of the fat tissue. I am very impressed with the results my patients are enjoying. VelaSmooth cellulite treatment can be used for cellulite and skin tightening on the legs, stomach and arms. After the eight-week program, women (and men) see a huge improvement in the look of their skin.

Thermage is an excellent way to naturally, and noninvasively, restore collagen to a more youthful state, and thereby get a lift to your neck, jowls and around your eyes. Patients see a modest result initially, and a full result after about six months. Thermage is a great option for men and women who are starting to see the signs of gravity, but aren’t yet ready for a facelift.

Beautiful skin, the most important element of beauty, can also be the most elusive. Consistent at-home skin care can vastly improve the quality of your skin and keep you healthy looking, and glowing. Topical vitamin C is a terrific antioxidant to combat the elements of time, age and the environment.

You can defy gravity, with a little help from your plastic surgeon.

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