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Rejuvenate Your Appearance with NeoGraft® Hair Restoration

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Is hair loss affecting your confidence in your appearance? NeoGraft® is a minimally invasive hair restoration option that transplants your own hair from thicker areas of your scalp to thinner, balding areas. The NeoGraft® method is unique because it swiftly and painlessly harvests individual hairs using the follicular-unit extraction (FUE) technique. NeoGraft® is the first and only FDA-approved FUE implantation system, and features the only "no touch" technology on the market. During the procedure, your own hair and their follicles are transplanted in small, naturally occurring groups, so your results look and feel completely natural. To learn more about NeoGraft®, contact the Long Island office of Dr. Stephen Greenberg today.

Video: Achieve a Fuller Head of Hair with Neograft


Patients with thinning hair or bald spots can now achieve a fuller head of hair with our NeoGraft treatment. The machine allows Dr. Greenberg to individually remove individual hair follicles without any scarring or downtime, and transplant them to the needed areas. Within a few months, the hairs will begin to grow naturally, filling in the thinning areas.

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How NeoGraft® Works

FUE is less invasive than the traditional strip-method hair replacement technique, which involves the surgical removal of a small area of the patient's scalp from the back of the head. The surgical strip removal can be painful, require a lengthy recovery period, and result in a noticeable scar. Neograft® is different.

If you look closely at your scalp, you will notice your strands of hair grow in small bunches, usually containing around one to four hairs. Using the NeoGraft® FUE system, Dr. Greenberg collects these hairs in their naturally occurring groups using a pneumatic pressure wand that swiftly suctions the hairs and their follicles from your scalp. Once these groups have been sterilized, they are precisely inserted in your scalp where they are needed. 

Treatment Benefits

One of the greatest benefits of NeoGraft® treatment is its minimally invasive nature, which produces no scarring. The pneumatic pressure wand allows Dr. Greenberg to carefully collect the hairs without the use of a scalpel or stapling, and he uses discretion to ensure that the areas where your hair is harvested will still look full after your procedure.

Compared with the strip method procedure, your hair and accompanying follicles are also better preserved using NeoGraft®. The pneumatic pressure wand gently removes each group of hairs without damaging it. Because implantation is much faster, it helps the tissue remain stronger and healthier, while reducing your total treatment time.

Results & Recovery

After surgery, your newly implanted hair will stay in place for three to four weeks. At this time, the strands will fall out and leave their whole, healthy follicles behind. After three to four months, these follicles will begin a new cycle of growth, and your newly restored hairline will begin to grow in. 

NeoGraft® transplanted hair grows in the same way it did in its original location. Once your new hair has rooted and begun to grow, you can treat it like the rest of your hair, and it can be cut, styled, and washed just like you used to. Your hair can continue to grow for many years, although some patients may choose to undergo further treatments or use hair loss medication to maintain or increase the density of their hair as they age.

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If you are ready to reclaim a full head of healthy, thick hair, we can help. To learn more about NeoGraft®, including the total cost of the procedure, contact Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery today and schedule an appointment. 

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