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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Can Provide the Fuller, Rounder Look You Desire

If you would like to enhance your bust line with breast augmentation, our practice, serving Long Island, NY, Manhattan, and the greater New York City area can deliver the results you desire.

Breast augmentation is a very common plastic surgical procedure that is designed to enlarge (and if necessary, lift) the breasts. Breast augmentation is most commonly performed on women who are unhappy with their breast size, symmetry, or the "droop" of their breasts. The age range of women seeking breast augmentation has a wide range from 18 to 70 years old! If you desire larger, shapelier, or more symmetrical breasts, you are likely a breast augmentation candidate.

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Dr. Stephen Greenberg performs a large number of breast augmentations in New York each week, using state of the art techniques! He takes pride in obtaining the most outstanding results possible. Dr. Greenberg believes that the most natural results in breast augmentation can be obtained by individualizing the procedure to the specific body, breast type and shape. Dr. Stephen Greenberg has been recognized as an expert in breast augmentation by such magazines and newspapers as Cosmopolitan, Health Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, The New York Times, Newsday and many others.

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If You're Considering Breast Augmentation...

Breast augmentation (augmentation mammaplasty), is a surgical procedure to enhance the size and shape of a woman's breast.

Breast Augmentation is Best to:

  • Correct and enhance the body contour of a woman who feels that her breast size is too small
  • Correct a reduction in breast shape or volume after pregnancy
  • Balance a difference in breast size
  • Lift the breast in a patient with only a minimal droop

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Greenberg is able to perform breast augmentation in most patients with minimal or no visible scars! Dr. Stephen Greenberg has perfected the breast augmentation procedure so that the scars are usually undetectable. There are a variety of incisions that can be used for the breast augmentation procedure, including under the breast (infra-mammary), around the nipple (peri-areolar), under the arm (transaxillary), and through the belly button (transumbilical). The short infra-mammary incision has the advantage of the scar healing exceptionally well. In the majority of patients, the incision cannot be detected. This incision also offers better long-term results and perhaps lower overall complication rates. Dr. Greenberg often uses the short infra-mammary incision that usually heals without a visible scar. Choosing the right surgeon is especially important to the success of breast augmentation, and we invite you to learn more about the characteristics and qualifications you should demand.

Breast Augmentation Consultation

Dr. Stephen Greenberg takes pride in taking his time to explain each and every procedure in great detail. He reviews all of your options for breast augmentation and breast lift surgery. He will show you preoperative and postoperative pictures of breast augmentation patients, review your anatomy, and discuss with you how he can make you look your best.

Dr. Greenberg takes great care in making your breasts the best that they can be.

The finest possible results begin with a caring and thoughtful initial breast augmentation consultation. Dr. Greenberg's team of specialized nurses will spend a great deal of time reviewing the best contour and breast size, which fits your specific body type. You will be seen in one of his state-of-the-art, beautifully appointed New York breast augmentation centers, either on Long Island or in Manhattan.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Greenberg will go over the breast augmentation surgery with you in detail. All of the preoperative instructions will be given and explained to you, so that you feel completely comfortable with the procedure. Your breast augmentation will be performed in Dr. Greenberg's fully accredited ambulatory center, where only the best care will be provided to you. Dr. Greenberg uses a variety of types of breast implants depending on the specific patient's needs and desires. It is of utmost importance to obtain the most natural look possible!

Dr. Greenberg believes that the best results can be obtained when the procedure, implant type, location, and size are individualized to meet the specific patient's body type and desire! In some cases, natural breast augmentation may be recommended for patients who want to use their own fatty tissue rather than breast implants.

Stop Smoking

It is very important that you stop smoking about 6 weeks prior to your surgery. This will significantly cut down on the possibility of breast augmentation risks. Smoking will affect incision healing. It constricts blood vessels preventing oxygen from easily getting to the area. This can either slow or even stop the healing process. Researchers have also done studies and found that people who smoke are more prone to incision infections. Smoking can also lead to blood clots near the incision, loosened stitches, skin graft failure and lengthier recovery.

Patient education is important to the success of all plastic surgery, including breast augmentation. We invite you to read our answers to frequently asked questions about the procedure.

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Find out more about breast implants and breast augmentation services provided by Dr. Greenberg.

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