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Upper Arm Lift

Enhanced Tone and Contour

Upper Arm Lift Long Island

If you would like to improve the contour and tone of your upper arms, an upper arm lift performed by Dr. Stephen Greenberg at his offices serving Long Island, Manhattan and the greater New York City area can put your goal within your reach. Dr. Greenberg has helped many women who have been unhappy with excess fat and loose, hanging skin in the upper arms.

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Patients that have lost excessive weight, or have excess skin that hangs underneath their arms are great candidates for an arm lift. Dr. Greenberg offers the procedure to remove the extra skin to help patients achieve tighter, more tone arms. The treatment is often combined with Smart Liposuction for the very best results.

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What Is An Upper Arm Lift?

Genetics, age or excessive weight loss can cause the skin to lose thickness, elasticity and adherence to underlying tissue. Gravity pulls the upper arm skin down and creates a flabby appearance that is unresponsive to diet and exercise. An upper arm lift, also called brachioplasty, can reshape the arm by tightening the hanging skin. By removing extra skin and fat, an upper arm lift will dramatically reduce flabbiness and result in a firm, more youthful contour. An upper arm lift makes the arm more in proportion with the rest of the body and patients often find that their clothes fit better. To learn more about upper arm lift surgery, contact our Long Island practice today.

Your Upper Arm Lift Consultation and Surgery...

Dr. Greenberg will discuss your upper arm lift in detail and help you decide if you are a good candidate for the surgery. Your upper arm lift will be performed in one of Dr. Greenberg's fully licensed, accredited ambulatory centers in Manhattan or on Long Island, supported by his team of specialized nurses. The upper arm lift consists of removing excess skin and fat through incisions on the upper and under surface of the arm, or through suction. The remaining skin is then stretched, stitched into place and bandaged. The surgery takes approximately two hours after which you will be able to rest in our comfortable recovery room, until you are ready to go home.

Upper Arm Lift Recovery...

Post-operative instructions will be explained to you and Dr. Greenberg will see you one to two days after your upper arm lift surgery. A post-operative compression garment is worn to ensure proper healing. You will have to avoid strenuous activity and may experience mild to moderate swelling. Complete recovery usually takes about two weeks.

Contact our Long Island practice to find out more about upper arm lift procedures provided by Dr. Greenberg. 

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