Our Favorite Diet Foods for the New Year

Now that we are officially into the New Year getting back on track with a healthy lifestyle is on the minds of many of us. With that said, there are a lot of great food options to help you face the year ahead feeling fit and fabulous! Here are some of Dr. Greenberg’s favorite picks:
Turkey and other leans meats
The perfect option for a hardy meal, turkey and other lean meats will satisfy your appetite while filling you with tons of protein. In addition to keeping you full, these selections also help to build muscle, and strengthen the immune system.
Whether you prefer raspberries or blueberries, you can never go wrong with this all natural snack. Not only great for dietary reasons, berries have also been proven to improve eye sight, coordination and memory.
This magic fruit is one treat you should definitely add to your diet. Great for your heart as well as your metabolism, grapefruit has a fat-burning enzyme that is said to absorb and reduce starch in the body, resulting in natural weight loss.
Oats are actually a carb you want to eat! With tons of fiber they will keep you feeling full and help you to burn fat throughout the day.
Garbanzo Beans (chickpeas)
Great for digestion as well as a natural energy booster, chickpeas have a number of health benefits including a high in fiber makeup that aids in weight loss.
With tons of protein, avocado is the definite of a “good for you fat”. Not only beneficial when it comes to healthy skin and hair, avocado has plenty of vitamins and fiber to help maintain a strong metabolism.
For more information on these and other great food options check out some of these websites:
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