Mommy Make-Over Packages For A Hot Post-Baby Bod!

We came across this article on that showed pictures of the hottest post-baby-bods and we just had to address it!
Below are photos of Beyonce one month after having Blue Ivy…
and Heidi Klum 5 weeks after the birth of her FOURTH child…
one of our personal favorites- Adriana Lima 8 weeks after delivering her second child…
…are you getting frustrated yet? We were. Not everyone can bounce back like these women and we completely understand that you may need a little help from Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg.
The tremendous growth in popularity of his Mommy Make-Over Package provides ongoing assurance that women who see the effects of pregnancy are especially interested in taking action to improve their look. More and more women are having children later in life and their bodies do not bounce back the way they did when they were younger, or after their first pregnancy. A combination of procedures including: breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction can make a dramatic improvement in your appearance.
Although diet and exercise are essential, many women struggle with extra skin on their lower abdomen, from either weight loss or pregnancy, and are perfect candidates for a “tummy tuck”. Tightening the abdominal muscles and the skin of both the lower and upper abdomen can provide a slimmer and more attractive look. In addition, the SmartLipo MPX™ and Cellulaze get rid of fat and cellulite quickly, efficiently, and with little pain. Although liposuction can be used for the reduction of fat in the abdomen, it is also very effective on areas such as the hips, thighs and knees.
Call us today and book your complimentary Mommy Make-over consultation 516-364-4200. Not everyone can bounce back like a super star…although in your new little ones eyes you are one.
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