Feminine Aesthetics: Let’s Talk Labia

A labiaplasty is one of the few procedures in plastic surgery that women don’t always know how to approach or what to say when asked “What bothers them most.”  It’s easy to discuss which wrinkles age us, how small we want our waists, or what size breasts we wish we had but when it comes to “that area down there” it becomes hard to discuss our concerns.  Women often think that they are the 1% when it comes to having differences with the appearance of their labia and that it couldn’t be possible that other women share their concerns.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, labiaplasty surgery has skyrocketed over the last few years as more women become comfortable addressing their concerns.   

What is a Labiaplasty Consultation Like?

Surprisingly, the scariest part for many women is having to show their female parts to the physician, however, I tell all my patients that the consultation is easier than going to the gynecologist, requires no internal exam, and takes about 5-10 minutes to examine the area.  During the exam I have my patients hold a mirror to show exactly what bothers them most. This also allows me to discuss what will and will not be improved with the procedure.  There are certain areas that we do not change, such as the clitoris and clitoral hood.  These structures contain a constellation of nerves and provide us with pleasure and sensation…something we definitely do not want to change! In fact, many women testify that their pleasure is improved after labiaplasty once their extra skin is removed and the area becomes less bulky. 

Labiaplasties are Quick Procedures

As for the procedure itself, this takes about 45 minutes in our Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery office ambulatory center in Woodbury, NY.  The procedure can be done under light anesthesia for patients who do not want to be aware of what is going on, or it can be done under a local anesthesia in combination with an oral antianxiety medication and laughing gas.  If you choose to be awake, we play your favorite music in the OR while the area is being numbed with special injections.  After that, the hardest part is officially over!  We use dissolvable sutures to close the incisions to provide the quickest healing time.  We discuss our detailed recovery instructions and all our patients follow up the next day to ensure adequate healing.

Other Intimate Rejuvenation Treatments  

In addition to the labiaplasty procedure, we offer vaginal rejuvenation at our Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery Woodbury, New York location.  Age, childbirth, and time all contribute to the loss of collagen within our tissue.  We lose about 2% of collagen every year after the age of 30, not just in our face and neck, but also in the vaginal tissue.  On top of that, the muscles of our pelvic floor weaken over time, reducing the amount of support that is necessary to prevent bladder leakage.  Unfortunately, there aren’t enough Kegels that can prevent those muscles from shrinking.  Depending on your needs, there are multiple modalities to treat urine leakage, vaginal laxity, and vaginal dryness.  Our Woodbury, New York location offers the Votiva by Morpheus, a non-invasive system that uses radiofrequency and microneedling to stimulate collagen production to plump and hydrate the vaginal tissue.  For patients with severe urinary incontinence, we combine two modalities, Morpheus 8v and V-tone to thicken the pelvic muscles for a comprehensive approach.  Treatments are comprised of three 30-minute sessions and require zero downtime.    

At Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery we aim to make this not-so-comfortable topic a seamless and relaxed experience.  A female provider will examine you and answer all your questions and concerns.  Please call our Woodbury, New York office to schedule your free consultation at 516-217-8120.

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