Tummy Tuck Recovery | Frequently Asked Questions

There are many benefits of getting a tummy tuck, including an improved appearance and an entirely better feeling about yourself. But what about tummy tuck recovery? At Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery, serving the New York City area, experienced medical professionals look forward to assisting patients with having the speediest and most successful recoveries. So, let’s answer some questions you may have about recovering from your tummy tuck treatment.

1. What Is Tummy Tuck Recovery?

Tummy tuck recovery is the period after your tummy tuck procedure is completed when you will need to continue following your doctor’s instructions regarding activity, medications, and recovery methods such as proper diet and addressing your special needs. You will receive a list of instructions after your procedure. You should read them thoroughly and by all means, consult with your doctor if you have any questions about what you should be doing and should not be doing during your recovery.

2. How Long Will My Recovery Last?

Tummy tuck surgery, depending on the extent of the procedure, can require up to eight weeks to fully recover from. Occasionally, symptoms such as localized swelling can last longer than this. The main thing to remember is that you want to follow the instructions you were given by your doctor. Doing so will help you obtain the speediest recovery possible. Also, guard against pushing yourself physically too hard or too quickly. You should gradually increase physical activity, but your body needs time to heal.

3. What Should I Expect During My Recovery?

The first few days after your procedure, you will mainly want to be resting. If possible, have someone look after you at home initially. You will want to follow procedures on changing bandages, dealing with drainage from areas that are healing, and be sure you are eating right. Take any prescribed medications on schedule. Initially, you may wish to take sponge baths until you have recovered sufficiently to bathe or shower normally.

Also, it is possible you will be prescribed a post-op pressure garment which you may need to wear for up to eight weeks following your surgery. This garment will aid in controlling drainage and support your abdomen during recovery.

4. What Can I Do to Assist My Recovery?

As we said, the key to optimum recovery time from tummy tuck surgery is to follow your doctor’s instructions. Also, communicate your needs and any problems you encounter with your doctor. While we can generalize about what you may experience, each patient is going to have their own needs during their tummy tuck recovery. Stay in touch with your doctor so that you can ask questions if you are unsure about something and keep your follow-up appointments so that your doctor can properly monitor the progress of your recovery.

Your tummy tuck recovery can be optimized to help you recover more quickly. If you are in or will be visiting the New York area and have more specific questions about recovery or tummy tuck procedures in general, please contact the doctors at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery and schedule your consultation. Contact us today!

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