Tinseltown Turns To “PlasticTown” During Oscars

Plastic Surgery Soars at Academy Awards Ceremony

Cosmetic Viewing Parties and Last Minute Touch-ups Invade Hollywood

NEW YORK, NY Hollywood’s Red Carpet will be filled with plastic surgery and Botox more than ever as movie moguls make their appearances at the Academy Awards.

According to celebrity plastic surgeon and radio host Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S there are actors and actresses getting primed with plastic surgery and last minute touch-ups in record numbers. Plastic surgery is up nationwide and is continuing to rise at a booming rate with an overall 44% increase in the total number of cosmetic procedures in 2004. Since 1997, there has been a 465% increase in the total number of cosmetic procedures, both according to statistics compiled by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and as evidenced in Hollywood.

Some doctors, like Dr. Greenberg, are doing last minute touches for those actors and actresses who maintain anonymity but have appointments the week of the awards event on the west coast.

Some celebrities will spend more time lying on an operating table to look good, than they will spend walking the red carpet, but the results are worth it. There are even plastic viewing parties at which patients look and see not only the fashions and styles of the Academy Awards but the cosmetic surgery procedures as well.

Dr. Greenberg is the host of “Plastic Surgery Today” the only radio show in the country devoted entirely to cosmetic surgery. Every week on New York radio stations WLIR and Party 105, Dr. Greenberg takes questions from callers about issues from across the cosmetic surgery spectrum. The program, which has a large, devoted following, draws hundreds of calls every week and has been on the air for close to ten years.

To set up phone interviews prior to Oscar night with Dr. Greenberg in New York or Los Angeles call 5163126573.

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