Snooki Confirms That She Wants Work Done

So we all know who J-Woww’s doctor is- she has never been quiet about coming to Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery for her breast augmentation. Now Snooki is quoted saying that she too wants to get work done by J-Woww’s doctor! Even though we will never violate a patients privacy, we must admit it is exciting to note that Snooki is considering coming to us. Read a portion of the article below…

Yes its true: newly-svelte Snooki is getting a boob job and her bestie JWOWW is helping her through the process. (Luckily for Snooks, this isnt JWOWWs first boob-enhancing rodeo.)

“I’m definitely taking her to my doctor,” Jenni told E! Online. “I’ll go in and get mine redone to make her feel better.”

How sweet. Snooks dished that she was hoping to get a boob job “in the next couple of months.”

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