When Should You Get an Eyelid Lift?

Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) is one of the most popular procedures as it frequently ranks in the top 5 cosmetic procedures not just in the United States but in the UK and many other places. It’s also a procedure that can’t be classified as strictly cosmetic because there are times when drooping eyelids can become a visual impairment or hazard when severe enough. However, despite this popularity, it is an option many people do not immediately consider. The question you might want to ask then is, when should I get an eyelid lift?


If You Have Hooded Eyelids From Aging


This is perhaps one of the most common reasons for getting an eyelid lift performed. As we age, like other parts of our skin and face, the skin on the eyelids becomes more lax and prone to the effects of gravity. As the eyelid skin loses elasticity, skin starts to pile up on the lower part of the eyelid and eventually gains a “hooded” appearance where it is folding over itself. This creates a heavy-lidded look that is by most people’s opinion not desirable.

As we continue to age, sometimes the membrane that holds the fat deposits which provide a buffer between our eyelids and our skull can weaken and sag, creating a bulging protrusion of fat on our eyelids.


If You Have Eyelid Drooping Due to Ptosis


Ptosis is a condition that affects children and adults alike. It is identified by the upper eyelid drooping over the eye. It can be a minor droop or even as major as the eyelid completely blocking vision—in which this becomes a medical concern, not just a cosmetic one.

Ptosis in adults is often caused by a weakening of the levator muscle which lifts the eyelid. This can be a natural process of aging or be incurred due to an injury that was sustained. An ophthalmologist can assist in finding the cause of your ptosis if it is severe. In most cases, they recommend eyelid surgery so that it relieves some strain off of the muscle so that it can perform better.

Surgery, of course, is what we do best at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery!


Do I Need Upper or Lower Eyelid Surgery?


It is important to ask yourself if you need upper or lower eyelid surgery. What prompted you to seek out surgical assistance? Is your upper eyelid drooping, causing a heavy hooded look?

Or is it your lower eyelids that have garnered significant wrinkling and have become puffy due to fat deposits, making you appear tired and weary despite getting plenty of rest?

Maybe you need an eyelid lift to assist your levator muscle from being overburdened, thus giving you a droopy look. Many times a patient can benefit from having both upper and lower lids treated. This brings us to our next point:


Eyelid Lift Consultation Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery


If you are unsure of what procedure you need done, don’t worry! At Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery, it’s our job to know. Dr. Greenberg has performed thousands of procedures and he as well as his staff have years of experience dealing with a variety of cosmetic issues—including eyelid issues.

Visit one of our locations for a consultation so that we can help you assess your condition and what the next steps will be.


Is Eyelid Lift Surgery Painful?


As with any surgical procedure, patients want to know how painful the procedure will be. Anesthesia is available for the procedure, most patients report feeling only minimal to mild discomfort as compared to other more invasive surgeries.

It is estimated that you can return to work within 4-10 days. As with all estimated recovery times, they are highly dependent on the individual. It is an outpatient procedure, and on average takes 1-2 hours to complete. Overall, between the operation, stitching, and recovery process, patients should give a time of about 1-3 months to observe the results of the surgery. This is because it is very common to experience eye-related discomfort such as swelling, bruising, and dryness for anywhere between 1-3 weeks after the surgery.


Eyelid Lift Surgery Long Island


Eyelid sagging or drooping is one of the most common complaints people have as they age. The first thing we do when we speak to someone is look into their eyes, it can be frustrating when your eyes look droopy or tired no matter how well you take care of yourself.

Visit Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery for a consultation to see whether you need an upper or lower eyelid lift (or both). Our professional and courteous staff will be glad to walk you through this procedure that we have performed hundreds of times to great success!

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