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Botox­® Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic Benefits are Clear

Close up of woman's face and smooth skinMany women and men rely on BOTOX® Cosmetic to maintain a youthful glow. Increasingly seen as a cosmetic mainstay, BOTOX® Cosmetic benefits are proven and widely heralded. Dr. Stephen Greenberg in Long Island, New York, recommends BOTOX® Cosmetic along with other age-defying treatments at his New York City cosmetic surgery practice.

Patients trust Dr. Greenberg’s experience and artistic eye to ensure safe, effective, treatment with injectables, dermal fillers, and other cosmetic procedures. To schedule an appointment in his Manhattan, Southampton, or Woodbury office, please contact us today.

A Closer Look at the Treatment's Benefits

More than a million people have tried BOTOX® Cosmetic, and many have made this innovative treatment part of their regular beauty routine. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002, BOTOX® injections are considered completely safe for cosmetic use. 

The primary reason for the remarkable popularity of BOTOX® Cosmetic is simple: results. Twenty years ago, options for non-surgical wrinkle treatments were few, and minimally effective. Now, patients can literally erase years from their appearance in a single, quick, and easy appointment.

The benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic include:

  • Effective Wrinkle Treatment – Superficial facial wrinkles and even deep creases can be effectively minimized or erased with BOTOX® Cosmetic. The injected formula works to prevent repetitive muscle movements, which stress the epidermis and cause fine lines to form. Bothersome worry lines, crow’s feet, and other facial wrinkles are noticeably softened, so you look younger.
  • Preservation and Prevention – Many patients use BOTOX® Cosmetic as a preventative treatment, with results that have been documented. Patients in their 30s and even younger are using BOTOX® Cosmetic to protect their youthful complexion and prevent deep wrinkles from forming.
  • Convenience – Fitting a BOTOX® Cosmetic appointment into your busy schedule is easy. Injections can be administered in 10 minutes, and you can return to most normal activities right away. You can expect to see the full, rejuvenating results within a few days.
  • Non-invasive – BOTOX® Cosmetic injections involve minimal discomfort, and most people find the pin-prick sensation easy to tolerate. The treatment has been demonstrated to be safe in recommended cosmetic doses, and complications are nearly non-existent. Some patients experience a bit of slight swelling initially, but this generally subsides within an hour.
  • Cost-effective – The youthful effects of BOTOX® Cosmetic injections last for up to four months. Compared to other dermal fillers and anti-aging skin treatments, BOTOX® Cosmetic is affordable and many patients say, well worth the cost.

Choosing Your Provider

Dr. Greenberg provides BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment and a range of other effective, non-invasive procedures for his patients. An accomplished plastic surgeon, Dr. Greenberg is highly qualified to provide any type of facial enhancement, and patients appreciate his precision and familiarity with facial anatomy. A member of the BOTOX® Cosmetic Physician’s Network, Dr. Greenberg received special training in the administration of BOTOX® Cosmetic. You can trust your appearance to Dr. Greenberg.

The primary reason for the remarkable popularity of BOTOX® Cosmetic is simple: results. Patients can literally erase years from their appearance in a single, quick, and easy appointment.

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