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Facial Implants

Add Natural-looking Volume with Facial Implants

If you are dissatisfied with your facial contours or are looking for a more permanent solution to volume loss, facial implants may be the right option for you. Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg provides advanced silicone facial implants to help patients at his Long Island, NY, achieve the fuller, more balanced facial planes they desire. He can help you understand the best options to achieve your goals and guide you through the entire process.

Types of Facial Implants

Dr. Greenberg is proud to offer his patients multiple types of facial implants to meet their varied needs. 

Lower half of a man's faceCheek Implants

Specialized cheek implants can be used as part of a cheek augmentation to produce a much more dramatic aesthetic. These advanced silicone implants can enhance your facial features, reducing the need for more extensive contouring treatments. The implants can fill out your cheeks, diminishing the appearance of sagging skin and bags under your eyes. You can also receive implants in addition to dermal fillers and fat transfers.

Chin Implants

Enhancing the appearance of your chin can transform your entire appearance. A receding or less-pronounced chin can make your other facial features seem overly large and out of proportion with the rest of your face. Dr. Greenberg can place chin implants that are matched to the size of your chin and your goals to augment your jawline and face. Chin surgery is a simple facial procedure that can create a significant impact.

Dr. Greenberg can rebuild features that have lost volume to age or other factors, as well as augment features that you are self-conscious about.

Jaw Implants

Jaw augmentation with implants can increase the size and width of your jaw. While a chin implant can help define your jaw, you can achieve a much stronger jaw line with this enhancement. Jaw implants can make your chin appear less pointy and can also reduce the appearance of jowls and a double chin.

Lip Implants

Dermal fillers are able to augment both the volume and shape of the lips. However, many patients may want more permanent results that do not require repeated injections. Lip implants are small silicone pieces that Dr. Greenberg can expertly place in one or both lips to help you achieve the fuller look you desire.

Advanced Options for Every Patient

All of the facial implant options we offer are used to rejuvenate and enhance your facial appearance and natural beauty. Dr. Greenberg can rebuild features that have lost volume to age or other factors, as well as augment features that you are self-conscious about. He uses advanced silicone implants because they feel natural and provide realistic results. These implants are also safe and durable for lasting benefits. Dr. Greenberg can also provide a range of sizes and can customize the implants to match your features and achieve your specific goals.

Placement Procedure

Silicone implants can be placed during a quick, safe facial surgery procedure. You can receive only local anesthesia and sedation, or choose general anesthesia. Dr. Greenberg will select the most inconspicuous locations for your incisions. Chin implants will usually be placed through an incision that is made between your lower lip and your gums or underneath your chin. Jaw implants are placed from the inside of the mouth. Cheek implants can be placed through incisions that are made either from inside the mouth or the lower eyelid. Lip implants are typically placed at the corner of the mouth through very small incisions that usually heal to be virtually invisible.

Achieve Your Desired Look

Dr. Greenberg can provide expert guidance to help you understand the best options to achieve your cosmetic goals. During a consultation he can explain how he can provide personalized treatment with facial implants based on your exact needs. Contact our practice today to schedule a consultation.

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