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Tummy Tuck

Targeted Treatment: The Mini Tummy Tuck

Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg tailors his body contouring procedures to suit the unique needs of each patient. In addition to traditional abdominoplasty, Dr. Greenberg also offers mini tummy tuck surgery at his Long Island, NY-area practice. This procedure can greatly benefit patients who would like to be permanently rid of that stubborn post-pregnancy tummy or boost their confidence with a new, streamlined shape. Mini tummy tuck surgery also offers benefits like a shorter recovery and less visible scarring.

What is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

Similar to a full tummy tuck, a mini tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed to remove excess skin and fat that can give you an unwanted pooch in your lower abdomen. In addition to tightening slackened abdominal muscles, this surgery can provide an overall sleeker, more contoured look.

The primary difference between traditional abdominoplasty and the mini tummy tuck is the extent of treatment. The mini tummy tuck procedure treats the lower abdomen only, targeting the area between the belly button and pubic bone. A full tummy tuck will include the waist and also may remove love handles along your hips and back.

A before and after picture of a patient who received a mini tummy tuck

  A mini tummy tuck targets the area between the navel and the pubic bone.

Benefits and Candidacy

With a mini tummy tuck, we can address your concerns and forgo unnecessary or more extensive surgery. While a full abdominoplasty may require two separate incisions and the repositioning of the belly button, the mini approach is a less complex procedure. A mini tummy tuck is performed with a single, smaller incision just above the pubic bone. The resulting scar is typically easy to conceal in clothing and bathing suits.

The benefits of a mini tuck include:

  • Less invasive surgery
  • Quicker and easier healing
  • Lower cost than traditional abdominoplasty

Candidates for a mini tummy tuck are generally fit, are at or very near a healthy weight, and do not plan on becoming pregnant in the future. Their primary cosmetic concern is a protruding or slack lower abdomen that has not responded to diet and exercise. Pregnancy or a previous weight gain may have taken a toll, leaving loose, hanging skin and fat in this specific trouble spot.

Treatment and Aftercare

When you choose Dr. Greenberg for body sculpting, you are in the best of hands. Our doctor is a renowned expert in the cosmetic surgery arena, and is a published author (A Little Nip, A Little Tuck) and trusted authority on media topics pertaining to surgical enhancements of all kinds. Dr. Greenberg provides custom treatment recommendations in a personal consultation where he can assess your needs and discuss your cosmetic goals.

The mini tummy tuck is generally performed in our outpatient surgical center under general anesthesia or intravenous (IV) sedation so you remain comfortable throughout the whole procedure. During surgery, Dr. Greenberg will remove excess skin and tighten slack muscle and, if desired, further contour the area with liposuction.

A mini tummy tuck can greatly benefit patients who would like to be permanently rid of that stubborn post-pregnancy tummy or boost their confidence with a new, streamlined shape.

Although the mini tummy tuck is less extensive, like any type of surgery, it requires appropriate aftercare. You should allow for a recovery period of two to four weeks, but patients can usually return to a non-strenuous job within one week.

You could see a slimmer silhouette immediately, and after recovery, enjoy the full benefits of your newly toned appearance. As long as you stay within a normal weight range, you can expect your flattering new contours to last for years.

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